Older Book Series to Introduce to Your Child

Reading picture books is a great way for toddlers and young children to learn meaningful lessons and develop their minds. But as your children get older, they’ll want more complex and exciting stories to fill their minds. Luckily, there are plenty of Elementary and middle-grade book series to help your child flex their reading muscles and find new, exciting stories to love. Some of these you may have even read yourself back in the day!


Older Book Series to Introduce to Your Child

Harry Potter

As the most popular book series ever, it was inevitable that Harry Potter would make it on the list. While the franchise is incredibly popular, spawning countless films, toys, video games, and even its very own theme park at Universal Studios, there might be some kids today that have never actually read the books. This is a shame, as the series is exceptional. If you had the pleasure of reading the series when you were a child, consider passing the torch down to your own kids and see how quickly they turn into Potterheads.



L. Stine brought the horror genre to kids everywhere with the introduction of Goosebumps, a popular collection of creepy stories aimed at children. The original series ran from 1992 to 1997, and if you were in elementary or middle school during that time, it’s almost guaranteed that you read at least one of these books. With over 60 individual tales to choose from, your kids will have no shortage of options at their disposal, and while they can definitely be a little creepy or spooky at times, you won’t find anything reminiscent of Friday the 13th or anything gory like that. These are very appropriate for your second or third graders to read as long as they don’t mind the occasional chill rolling down their spine.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid


While this charming series by author Jeff Kinney may not raise any deep philosophical questions for your child, it is extremely funny and relatable. The best part about these books is the drawings that are littered throughout, which are minimalistic but only add to the humor of the story. They follow the life of middle-schooler, Greg Heffley, as he endures the trials and tribulations of school and life in general. The first book was released in 2007, and with 17 books in the series, the books are still going strong.


Get to Reading!

These are all great reading recommendations for up and coming young readers, whether they’re looking for something funny, something spooky, or something with a little bit of magic. Your kids will be so engrossed in these stories that you’ll have time to cook dinner, browse sites like cabinetiq.com for remodeling the house, or dive into a book yourself! Other popular books to pass on to your kids might include Percy Jackson, The Chronicles of Narnia, or A Series of Unfortunate Events. Reading helps kids explore their creativity and take away important messages by diving into fantastical worlds, and if you can help them experience that by tossing a good book their way, then by all means!



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