Pet Accessories And Gadgets That Can Help Your Business

Pet Accessories And Gadgets That Can Help Your Business


Pet Accessories And Gadgets That Can Help Your Business

Do you run your own pet service business? Are you considering looking into starting one in the near future? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you’re likely always on the lookout for the best accessories and gadgets that can help your business succeed.

Luckily, there is no shortage of amazing pet accessories on the market, so you’re sure to find plenty that will keep business booming for many years to come. But in case you need some ideas to get you started, let’s take a look at some tips from The Pampered Pup of the best accessories and gadgets you’ll want to snatch up!


The Smart Dog House

What is it? If you own a brick-and-mortar storefront for pets, you may or may not allow animals inside. Many pet owners would also rather keep their pets in the car or tied up outside while they shop. What if they didn’t have to? You can now buy a smart dog house that can be placed right outside of your business. Pet owners will simply download an app that allows them to open the door and place their dog into a temperature-controlled dog house while they shop.

How will this help my business? Not every dog owner wants to bring their pup inside, but it’s often too hot or cold to leave them in the car. You’ll be giving your customers a safe and convenient way to bring their dogs along on errands without worrying about where they will keep them while they shop. You’ll get rave reviews from pet owners who appreciate the gesture of a safe dwelling for their precious bundle!


Car Seat Protectors

What is it? A car seat protector is a must-have product for any pet owner that has to bring their pet into their vehicle now and again, especially dog owners. You can sell a variety of seat covers that will fit any vehicle to bring in more business. One of the best varieties of car seat protectors are the ones that fit over the seat AND the backrest to provide maximum protection from fur, drool, dirt, and all the other messes animals make when they are riding in the car.

How will this help my business? Plenty of pet owners struggle with keeping their seats clean, so having this type of product on hand will likely be a goldmine for your business. Make sure the brands you sell are washable!


Pet Accessories And Gadgets That Can Help Your Business


Pet Cameras

What is it? Who doesn’t hate leaving our dogs and cats home alone when we have to leave for the day? A pet camera will allow you to leave with a little more peace of mind when you install one to keep an eye on your favorite furry pet. There are plenty of options available, as well. Some cameras have a one-way video feed that allows you to watch your pet from afar while others have a two-way video feed that allows your pet to see you at the same time. Some cameras have night vision and some even allow you to release a treat for your pet from miles away.

How will this help my business? You’ll always have customers who hate the idea of leaving their pets home alone. Offering them a chance to check in on their furry little friends any time that they want to will help them feel better about the situation. If you have a customer who owns a dog with separation anxiety, this is an even better product to offer them.


Personalized Collars

What is it? Well, a personalized collar basically explains itself, but it’s a collar that pet owners can customize their own way. Everyone loves personalized products, and pet owners are no different. It’s also important to always have your contact information on your dog or cat in the event that they get lost, so a personalized collar is basically a necessity in most cases.

How will this help my business? Pet owners, particularly dog and cat parents, are going to need collars. Since collars will always be a staple in the pet world, your business can cash in on this fact by offering to give it a cute, personalized touch. Instead of having your clientele go somewhere else to personalize the collar, set up a way to do it yourself. You can either do this in your shop or from your home. It will save them the trip while adding to your bank account.


Pet Accessories And Gadgets That Can Help Your Business


Automatic Laser Toy

What is it? Gone are the days of getting your dog or cat excited with a simple, handheld laser pointer. Sure, it’s fun for a minute, but we often have to put it down to take care of something else. An automatic laser toy sits on the ground and shoots out a small laser beam on the ground in random directions. Your dog or cat will have a good time chasing the laser, and you won’t get tired of holding the pointer for them!

How will this help my business? Many pet owners put a lot of time and energy into the care of their pets. Sometimes, we all need a break! Offering a fun new toy that allows pet parents the chance to easily entertain their dog or cat will be a huge hit. Everyone loves watching their dog or cat chase the light!


Pet Trackers

What is it? A pet tracker is a small device that you can attach to the collar of your pet. The tracker has the ability to find the location of your pet using real-time GPS coordinates. It’s a great way to quickly find your pet if they happen to get lost by connecting to the accompanying app on your smartphone. Many trackers also double as fitness monitors for pets. If they do, you’ll get a readout of your pet’s activity levels and other fitness information when they wear it.

How will this help my business? No one wants to lose their pets, right? But not everyone realizes that these new tech products even exist! While having your pet microchipped is always a great idea, attaching a GPS tracker to their collar will help you pinpoint their location quickly if they slip out of your hands. Customers will be thrilled to grab one or more for their pets!


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