Thrifty Ice Cream

It is time for thrifty ice cream!

I have had rather a dull week here ( but shielding ends net week hurray!) so not much at all to tell you except I have been making a few batches of thrifty banana  ice cream and lovers of a budget I thought you might like me to share my thrifty ice cream with you! 

Here you go to delight your thrifty tastebuds:


Thrifty Ice Cream


Thrifty Ice cream Recipes 

Vanilla Icecream  – super simple homemade ice cream recipe requiring just 3 ingredients and an ice cream maker


No churn/no machine easy ice cream  you don’t have to have fancy ingredients to whip up a thrifty ice cream or a machine – anyone can make this 


2 ingredient ice cream including a vegan version  wow things just got even cheaper and simpler!


Super simple banana thrifty ice cream

Simply freeze banana chunks for at least 1 hr,then pop into a food processor and whizz until you can some regular or almond milk to make it smoother if you like 

Once smooth, you could add in any other ingredients you fancy – 

  • A spoonful of peanut butter
  • A handful of blueberries
  • A few spoons of dark choc chips

(All super calming additions!) 

Then you simply continue to blend until it’s all completely mixed. You can either eat it straight away or pop into the freezer until it’s frozen then serve when you wish! This isn’t the prettiest ice cream, but it is so tasty!

( This recipe is from my book Create Your own Calm  which has a section on calming foods and did you know just like eggs, bananas also contain the amino acid called tryptophan, which makes your body produce serotonin. This raises your spirits and help reduce stress.




Easy no cook choc ice cream


So it’s brightened me up this past week eating ice cream. A simple pleasure and a fun one. Banana ice cream is an ugly thing I have to tell you so here instead are some lush ice cream pictures to tempt you instead. But ugly has no reflection of taste! 


Thrifty Ice Cream is lush!

And perfect for summer – and summer is on it’s way right? I have been delighting in these brighter and sunnier days and I am sure you have been too. 


 Hows your week been? Do you have anything thrifty to share with me? You might like a look at my post on being minimalistically money minded


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