Plans for our garden makeover

I have just read a fabulous post about why gardens are so important and I have to say I agree entirely

We have a dilemma, my husband and I, when it comes to our garden. He likes plants and trees and the ‘wild countryside in your back garden look (which our loving neglect has certainly encouraged.)’

Here is our current garden ( I am embarrassed to say it has been left to its own devises for rather too long. It is certainly looking wild!)


Here is what I am after with our makeover ….I like bright colour, lots of flowers (that i can pick)  and a perfect lawn.


Plans for our garden makeover

So what do we agree on?…

Well we both like our patio and know that this needs smoothing and updating and the broken slabs need replacing. This is work we will need to budget for. J had a a friend who knows a thing or two about building ….so really its just supplies we are after.

We both agree too that we want our garden to be fun and social and the addition of therse 2 items will make a big difference to the fun we have out there.


We both agree that a little pathway through out the grass would  be both lovely and useful. I have been having a look at pathways and I think this one is just gorgeous and very unusually my other half agrees!! Problem we have is our son likes to play football in the garden and we are sue he would complain (a lot.) Hmm could we pretend a path was there under the grass all the time maybe? It is a fine balance getting a garden that is right for all of you!


It has been so much fun planning out garden now we just have to make it happen!






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