Giant Jenga Review – A Fun Garden Game

today – giant jenga review

I have been sent a fabulous garden game here to review on family budgeting. Its called mega hi tower in a bag! and basically it’s just like giant jenga.  If you haven’t played it before here is how to play jenga Designed as a lightweight unit to be carried around, this makes it a popular choice for parties, taking camping or to the beach.  It costs £49.99 and it’s just wood so will probably last ages. Great idea to buy for a family for Christmas too. It saves having to get every individual a gift and the whole family can enjoy it.

 I think a joint gift is a great family budgeting idea


Giant Jenga Review

The bag contains:

  • 58 Blocks Measuring 34x70x207mm,
  • Builds from 0.9m to reach 1.25m approx
  • Comes With Labelled Carry Bag


giant jenga review


The kids love this and it’s a great incentive to get them outside into the fresh air on chillier days. We already have giant snakes and ladder and are seriously coverting giant chess from Graden It’s a fab website.

family games are so bondng aren’t they?


I do hope you enjoyed our giant jenga review. You might also like our the cube board game review




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