POM App Review – the app that helps keep teens safe without invading thier privacy

POM app review

Our POM app review

How fascinatong our POM review has been – it is a really interesting personal safety app that I was delighted to be asked to review.

It allows you to keep track of loved ones without compromising their privacy. It is such a fine line with teens, isn’t it? You want to know they are safe but you don’t want them to feel you are being a helicopter parent..constantly hovering around them and controlling and tracking their every move.

It isn’t just for teens actually it is for anyone who you may possibly be concerned about:

Whether it’s letting your kids go out alone, a friend who uses online dating, or a spouse who goes running or cycling alone, you will find a feature or combination of features that will give you peace of mind that they are safe.

I just love the idea of this.

My kids go places on their own now… to the local shops, to school, to a friends house and I do make them call me to tell me they have arrived and they are safe. And yes, it does REALLY annoy them.

POM makes it possible for me to know they are safe without me having to harass them.

Isn’t that just an ace idea.

pom app review  

POM’s features

POM has some very cool features – these include:

Safe -zones You can create safe zones where you expect your child to be safe and you can give them privacy whilst they are there ( to travel home from school for example) you will be notified and can track them until they arrive home safely. This would be such a blessing for me because I don’t want to stalk them at school but I do definitely like to know where they are en route and that they have arrived safely home.

Panic button – If your teen gets into a tricky situation they can simply activate the manual alarm and POM will notify you that they need help and provide them with your live location.

Check-ins- you can ask your teen to check in on a timed  schedule and you will be notified if they miss a check in.



The benefits of the POM app

Let me tell you the benefits of POM

My teens don’t need to remember to let me know they have arrived somewhere, location tracking is only activated between safe zones so my battery consumption is minimized and I can gradually increase safe zones as they grow.

I think its fab and I have been busy chatting with my two about the best safe zones to set up..these will most definitely school and home.

It’s SO simple to set up and the peace of mind it brings is invaluable.

The first month using this app is free so why not give it a go and see how it works for you. Thereafter is £2.99 a month.

So what does POM stand for?

Peace of Mind

It is just the best feeling as parent of an increasingly independent child to have peace of mind


You can find more about POM here and download it from the apple store here



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