Sammy Screamer Review

sammy screamer review


Sammy Screamer Review

Our Sammy Screamer review has been great fun!   I actually think Sammy Screamer is rather marvellous.

Sammy Screamer is a device sold by BleepBleeps It is a little movement sensor that’s controlled by your smartphone. Sammy lets you keep an eye on your stuff.

So if some one moves your buggy, cookie jar or your handbag, for example, you will be alerted.

Sammy is very simply a little motion alarm controlled via bluetooth from the @bleepbleeps app for iPhone and Android.


So when would you use Sammy Screamer

I was telling an older relative of mine about it, and she thought it sounded FABULOUS.

The nursing staff in her care home keep using her personal wheel chair  for other people and taking off with it when she’s alseep. She decided it would be perfect to fit Sammy to it so when the trundles of with it the alarm would go off and she would catch them in the act! Ha ha!

Round where I live their are a number of cafes that say you have to leave your buggy outside. Sammy Screamer would just be perfect in such situations wouldn’t he, you would feel safe and secure knowing that if anyone moved your buggy you would know in an instant through your phone.

How would you use Sammy?

In an open area Sammy’s range is up to 50 metres so putting on e on your child’s expensive scooter when they are in the park would also be a smart move.


How much does Sammy Screamer cost?

Sammy costs £50 and could save you a small fortune! It is designed to work in multiples so you can pair as many Sammy Screamers as you like from an individual phone or tablet.

Isn’t this just a great idea!

BleepBleeps have just the BEST range of products and the others are going to be released very soon. I love this one …

Cecil G  a Location Bracelet

Cecil tracks your child’s location on a map in the BleepBleeps app. Your child wears Cecil like a watch around their wrist and by using the  BleepBleeps app you get a real-time reading of their location.

How reassuring is that!

Do check out their wonderful range at bleepbleeps



I  do hope you have enjoyed our Sammy Screamer review – you might also like my post on Pom – the app that keeps kids safe


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