Quick Fixes to Transform your Living Space in a Heartbeat

If you’re looking at your living space and feeling like it could do with an update, you can do so without having to spend a fortune or take time off work. Your living space is where you spend much of your time, and it is important that it works for you. Whether you fancy something cosier, chicer or brighter, there are several time-saving, quick fixes that could elevate your living space in moments.

Let’s look at some of the very best.

Mood Lighting


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No matter the colours of the walls or the fabric of the furniture, arguably the most important component in creating ambience in a room is lighting. Whether you are looking to complement a bright and airy space or to turn a dingy corner into a cosy nook, lighting has transformative abilities. You can use free standing lamps to illuminate areas of a room and create a soft glow, or small lamps for an even smaller concentration of light. To create a centrepiece and fill the room with light, pendant lighting can be efficient and also beautiful. Lights.co.uk have a range of lighting options as well as some exquisite pendant lighting that may bring an air of trendy design back to an otherwise forgotten room. Be mindful of the placement, too: pendant lighting lends itself well to the centre of a room as well as to dining tables and surfaces used as desks.


Washi Tape Walls
Whilst it may sound like a cartoon character, washi tape is one of the quickest and most clever ways to transform your walls without having to do a full redecoration job. The best part about it is that it is temporary due to the masking tape formula of this Japanese tape, which is great if you get an itch for a new creative idea, in which case you can pull it all off and start again. If you live in rented accommodation, washi tape can be a good solution to subtly changing your house without having to repaint the walls when you move out. Experiment with geometric designs and bright colours. This technique also allows you to test a design before permanently painting it to the wall.


Scatter Cushions and Throws


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If you’re bored of your sofa and it doesn’t feel as comfortable as it used to, you can update it with some chic scatter cushions and a new sofa throw to cover wear and tear. Experiment with colours and textures, and if you’re looking to give the entire room an overhaul, you could pick a colour theme and start with your cushions and throws. Oversized corduroy cushions are always a winner, since they provide durability and picked in a bright colour will give the room a pop of sunshine. When picking a throw, find something heavy that won’t easily slide off the sofa (especially important for leather), and layer up fabrics and patterns to create a warm lived-in feel.

The idea of transforming a room can feel daunting at first, and you might be tempted to reach for the paint samples and call the decorator, but with a few inexpensive changes, you can refresh the look of your living space without having to break into the holiday fund – and the best part about keeping these changes frugal that you can change it as frequently as you wish!


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