Saving Money By Recycling Curtains

Saving Money By Recycling Curtains is Sponsored guest post by Sarah Oxley

Finding possibilities to save money isn’t always easy, as it’s often the things you can’t save on such as set bills and taxes that take away the majority of your money and which can’t be changed or avoided. You do, however, have more options than you think, for even something that seems trivial and unusable such as some old curtains can be recycled and given new life. Let’s take a look at what can be done.

Saving Money By Recycling Curtains

Transforming your curtains into cushion covers is a classic for a reason, and that reason is that it is easy to do and a very useful thing to have. Buying a cushion with a cover will cost you somewhere around £10-15 and more, whereas a cushion without a cover will cost you £2-3, if you go to the right places, i.e. your local market. Turning a curtain into several cushion covers is an easy process, so you needn’t be a master sewer. The cutting of the material is the hardest part, so be sure to do some research into how much extra material you should have before getting out the snips.

While we’re on the topic of covers, you can also transform your curtains into useful duvet covers. This is a large save, since we all need duvet covers and they can be very expensive. Prices again vary, and are highly dependent on the size of your duvet and the comfort you want to have. So, creating your own cover is a useful way to save money, as well as giving you a fun project.

The next way to recycle your curtains is very different from the others. If you have a very open room or an uninviting archway, and would love to have some French doors or at least some way of making this archway look less open and cold, then consider adding some curtains to it. Use long, cascading curtains with an interesting pattern, or create your own pattern by combining several old curtains together. By simply placing your curtains in an area you wouldn’t expect them to be turns them into an interesting design feature of the room and also creates a divide in the room, thereby making your archway look more inviting, and all this without pricey French doors.

Saving Money By Recycling Curtains 

Using your curtain to hide things you don’t want others to see is useful within the home, too. The luxury of having a separate laundry room dedicated solely to the cleaning and drying of clothes is often impractical or simply not impossible for the majority of us. But you can still keep your washing machine, and even dryer out of sight when they’re not in use by using curtains to conceal them. It also means that you don’t have to stare at them all the time and fret over how much washing you still need to do. This gives you a chance to switch off.


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