Smart Shopping Tips

Smart Shopping Tips we all need to know.

Most people these days know that getting a bargain is not about being cheap it is actually about being smart. Getting more for your money and the best possible price for an item makes a lot of sense and it’s a fairly simple process to ensuring this happens.

how to be a smart shopper


Smart Shopping Tips

My 5 smart shopping tips are pretty common sense but actually it is always worth doing almost a checklist in you mind before you part with your hard earned cash.

Do you do all these?

Do you think you are a smart shopper?

1.Why are you buying it?

Before you buy an item just ask your self why you are buying it. Have a think and reply with absolute honestly (you are only talking to yourself after all.

Are you buying it because someone else has one, or you fancy a change or an advert tempted you but actually you don t really need it. If it is for any of these reasons then think again. You work hard for your cash so is this a valid reason to be parting with it?


2. Smart Shopping Tips – Can you afford it?

Just because your car/clothes/sofa looks a bit worse for wear can you really afford it replace it or do you need to save a while longer. Be really honest with yourself. Debt is unpleasant and it can spiral. Buy only what you can really afford


3. Smart Shopping Tips – When are you going to buy it?

Lots of places have seasonal sales so sometimes it is it worth waiting. I have just bought some gorgeous woolly hats for Christmas gifts as they were on sale off season. Total bargain.


4. Where are you going to buy it?

Oh well this is often the biggest question isn’t it. I suggest dong a search for the name of the product you want on google them pressing the shopping tab at the top to see what comes up

Smart Shopping Tips


5. Can you get some money off?

Always try looking for a  discount voucher code for the shop you are planning to buy from websites like Voucherbox this ca make a significant difference to your purchase price and take only a tiny effort.

and finally keep your receipt  and don’t accept anything substandard, broken or not quite right for you.

Being a smart shopper is simple really you just need to pause , question, think reflect and take a little action. Well worth doing.






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