Students..don’t forget about your home insurance

I was a student for a long time and I know how hard it is to make ends meet when you are living on a measly grant (or not!)  The things you can do without are incredible and some changes are inevitable…

  • Own brands become the staple of the day,  no more Heinz snobbery about your beans.
  • Old clothes don’t mean you wore them last week they man they are looking pretty worn out!
  • When you say you have a new set of wheels you mean you have just bought a second hand bike for a fiver
  • When you say you are really into DIY you mean your haircut
  • When you say staying in is the new going out you mean  you can’t afford to go out
  • When you say your having too much fun at Uni to head home  this term you mean you don’t have a bean to pay for the train fare.

Photo credit: Alex Schultz

Home insurance is one of those areas students are likely to scrimp and save and maybe think they can do without. The reality is if their lap top is stolen or their mobile phone or even that second hand bike…then they would be in a right old pickle. Taking a look at home insurance policies from companies like endsleigh is really important. Students may well scrimp on beans but they do need to factor in home insurance in order to keep their  their possessions safe and working. It could make all the difference.



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