Syrias children need a great big hug of love

If you believe the world should be one big family then it must follow that we have to be responsible for and take care of all its children.

Escalating violence in Syria has forced tens of thousands of children to flee their homes for neighbouring countries. Many have been deeply affected by the horrors they’ve experienced or witnessed.

Save the Children are on the ground in Jordan and Lebanon, helping to keep them safe, providing the basics they need, like food and blankets, and proper emotional support. But the numbers of refugee children are rising every day.

Please watch this…I know it is heartbreaking.

Are you thinking there is nothing you can do? Well you know what, there is and it will merely take minutes. Save the Children is providing specialist help to these children to recover from their experiences.  They DESPERATELY  need your support

Please sign this petition to the UN calling on them to scale up their work to help Syria’s children and make sure these crimes are not just forgotten or lost .

Please  Donate to Save the Children and help to provide the basics for survival in a refugee camp just £2 goes a long way to feed and warm a scared lonely sad harmed little kids. What could you do without in order to donate today.

To find out more about the campaign, visit the Save the Children. Lets give our kids a big cuddle this morning and thank God its not our children in this situation then reach out to those children who need us and give them a cuddle too.

They need us.

syria's children


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