Taking a Trip to the Isle of Wight: 5 Things to Do

Today – Taking a Trip to the Isle of Wight: 5 Things to Do

The Isle of Wight is a beautiful place to go on holiday to if you’re enjoying a staycation this summer. It’s brimming with family-friendly activities and is remarkably easy to get to for an island that’s situated just off England’s south coast. However, once you’ve unpacked your suitcase and settled into your picture-perfect holiday cottage (of which you’ll find plenty via somewhere like Classic Cottages for example), do you have any idea what you’d like to do?

If you’re new to the Isle of Wight and want some inspiration, here are five things to tick off your holiday bucket list…




Taking a Trip to the Isle of Wight: 5 Things to Do


  1. Beaches

The Isle of Wight has the highest concentration of award-winning beaches in all of England, so if it’s blustery walks, sandcastles or warm afternoons spent sunbathing by the shore that you’re after, this is the destination for you. Ryde and Appley beaches are both great if you’re seeking expanses of sand (perfect for flying kites or playing games), whereas Sandown and Ventnor are ideal if you want the seaside with a shops and cafes nearby.


  1. Festivals

This little island is home to some fantastic festivals. As well as hosting some of the best music festivals going (The Isle of Wight Festival, the Eklectica Festival and V-Dub Island to name just a few), it also hosts some fun sports festivals too. The Cycling Festival and the Walking Festival are ideal for tourists who like to do something active while they’re on holiday.


  1. Dinosaur hunting

The Isle of Wight is a dinosaur-enthusiast’s paradise: the island is a geological treasure chest featuring a wealth of fossils. You can spend the say in Dinosaur Isle (Britain’s first purpose built museum and tourist attraction dedicated to dinosaurs), and you can book yourself onto fossil and geology walks along the beaches to get up close and personal with the dinosaurs in the great outdoors.


  1. Monkey haven

If wildlife is more your kind of thing, you’ll have a great time exploring the Monkey Haven on the island. The primate rescue centre is home to a variety of monkeys, birds, reptiles and more, and it gets great reviews. The animals are happy, well-fed and have large spaces to explore, and the feeding times and keeper talks are well worth attending if you can.


  1. The Needles battery

The Needles Battery is a Victorian coastal defence managed by the National Trust, and it’s an interesting attraction if you’re into history or engineering. Talk to the tour guides and find out more about this part of history, and take children into the secret tunnels for dressing up to find out what it was like to be a soldier at the battery.


These are just a handful of activities you can do while you’re visiting the Isle of Wight. Aside from this, there are miles upon miles of beautiful walks, restaurants, shops, castles, historic houses and more – so why not head on over and explore it for yourself?


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