Taking the family on a ferry to France

Taking the family on a ferry to France

I have some great memories of taking the ferry to France.

I recall gong with school to practice our French , my first time abroad and so very exciting. I was in awe of the ferry and could not believe we were sailing to another country.

The next time I boarded a ferry to France I was off to Paris to visit my friend Jane who was au pairing there. I felt very grown up taking this journey by myself.

I remember going with my mum and aunty on a  cheap ferry to France to buy party supplies and I remember going with friends for a bit of a giggle. I have never yet been on Eurostar. It seems to lack the same spirit of adventure to me!

I have been thinking a lot about taking my kids abroad  recently and I think they would love a boat trip to France.

Travelling by ferry with kids looks more fun than I thought …..there is soft play, entertainment, lots of space, even cots provided….


And I have been looking at some ferry deals  too and they look very interesting. There are a host of deals for day trips, gourmet trips, whale and dolphin spotting mini breaks and much more.

Mainly I got excited by the chalet camping holidays.  These holidays can be booked alongside the ferry crossing so you can get one inclusive deal. They look really good value actually and a lot of fun.

My kids would adore a week or two somewhere like this!

Overall taking the kids on a ferry to France looks like a fun, inexpensive way to get abroard and much more child friendly than I thought.

Have you took the family on a ferry to France?



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