The 10 Benefits of Driveway Car Parking

I have longed for driveway car parking for absolute ages and finally, it is on our to-do list.


Driveway Car Parking


The benefits of driveway car parking

I can see so many benefits to driveway car parking but I am going to share with you my top ten.

  1. It is much less likely that I will get bird poo on my car than if I have to park on the street under someone’s tree. This is a BIG plus in my book.
  2. The chances of my car getting stolen are less as someone who has to come literally right up to our house to do so and the security light would go on
  3. If it’s raining I really do not have far to walk too or from my car.
  4. If I have been shopping I do not have far to carry my bags to the house
  5.  Washing my car myself is r easy without hosepipe but only if the car is near enough for it to reach!
  6. If I have left something in the car, or one of the kids have, it would be super easy juts nip out to the car to collect it, even in my PJ’s. if the car were on our driveway. If it was parked halfway down the street I would have to get dressed and retrieving forgotten items would be a pain.
  7. My house value could increase by up to 10% according to research if we had a driveway.
  8. Insurance is cheaper if cars are kept on driveways rather than on the road.
  9.  My husband would always be in a better mood if he could park his car at our house. For some reason, it really winds him up when we can’t!
  10. We could make money from driveway car parking by renting out our space if we were away!

Oh, and I have one more bonus one! Driveways can look super smart and unlike grass fronts need very little TLC. I love a flagstone driveway, in particular, I think it adds elegance to a house and really upgrades it looks.

I really am looking forward to finally having driveway car parking I think it will improve our life enormously


Benefits of Driveway Car Parking is a collaborative post – you might also like my post on a driveway revamp


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