The benefits of going on holiday in a large group

There are some real benefits to going on holiday in a large group and it can be a really enriching experience.

Here are my top reasons why I think holidays as a group can really work.


going on holiday in a large group


Variety is the spice of life

It can be a bit dull spending day upon day of your holidays with the same people. In a large group whether it be friends or family you have a choice of who to spend your time with if someone irritates you-you are not stuck with them!


Group holidays can be wonderfully bonding

On a family trip to Corfu a number of years ago I felt I got to know my nephews and nieces just SO much better. I also got lots of time to chat with my sister in law and felt we really bonded. Group holidays give you the unique opportunity to spend lots of time with people you would not normally spend such time with. My son went on a music tour with his school last year and made some great friends that way too. Even the bus trip there was an incredibly bonding experience.  Such a gorgeous way for extended families to get to spend time together.


It can save you money

Staying together in a large cottage or villa on holiday can work out MUCH cheaper for everyone.

Rather than everyone making their own way to a destination group travel can also help cut costs.

Using a service like SMC Coach Hire can be such a convenient and money saving way to travel. They cater for all sorts of group travel (coach trip to Wimbledon anyone?) but specifically for family trips and holidays. Just being able to chuck all your bags and bits and bobs into the hold and getting away is so convenient. Not having to drive yourself can really help you relax. Take a peek – they cater for any kind of trip with all sorts of coach and minibus sizes!


You can share the chores and share your skills

When you holiday /travel as a group you really can avoid the jobs you the an play to your strengths. So, if you love to cook then you will have a chance to go for it and if map reading is your thing then you will have a chance to put in into practice. But, if you absolutely hate board games well no worries at all, there will probably be someone else in your group happy to take your place.

Group holidays really can give you so many benefits.

Have you ever holiday-ed as a large group? It is something I would totally advocate especially for families – a wonderful way to create the most magical memories.



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