The Best Pinterest DIY Halloween Decorations on a Budget

Halloween is just around the corner, and getting into the spirit of the season can be challenging when you’re on a tight budget. Thankfully, there are some excellent DIY Halloween decorations you can make without breaking the bank and without using a spare white bedsheet as a not-very-convincing ghost.

We analyse Pinterest save data to find the most saved Pinterest DIY Halloween decorations, and which are not only the easiest to make but also the best to create on a budget.



Floating Candles

Looking to add an aesthetic touch to the home? These floating candles are ideal and are surprisingly easy to make, using items that you will likely have around the house. They are popular on Pinterest, with over half a million saves to date.

With some kitchen roll or toilet roll tubes, some hot glue, paint, and battery-powered tea lights, you can make some stunning old-fashioned style candles. Plus, using battery-powered tea lights means that there isn’t a fire risk!

To turn them into floating candles, simply take a needle and thread (they recommend fishing line) and string them up. They are the perfect decoration to light up a windowsill or add a spooky touch to your kitchen.

Floating Candles from Nifty, 540,529 saves


The Best Pinterest DIY Halloween Decorations on a Budget


Paper Spiderwebs

This is a very clever take on a craft that you will have already done… just at a different time of year. Folding up paper and turning it into snowflakes is something we tend to do at Christmas, but this version turns your festive snowflakes into creepy spiderwebs, and over 200,000 people have this hack saved.

All you need is paper and scissors. That’s it! You can make the spiderwebs as big or as small as you like, and you could even use more paper to add other details.

Why not cut out a tiny paper spider for the web? You can display your spiderwebs in your front window near your carved pumpkins or on your front door for a spooky twist.

Paper Spiderwebs from One Little Project, 204,415 saves



Image from Pexels

Balloon Pumpkins

When you think of Halloween decorations, the chances are that you’ll think of bright orange pumpkins. They are iconic for a reason, but not everyone will want to use real pumpkins for decorations. If you want to create a pumpkin that lasts, a paper-mâché pumpkin is the perfect solution and has proven popular with over 80,000 people so far.

This is not only really easy (and cheap) to make, but it gives you a long-lasting result. With a balloon, string, newspaper, craft glue, and paints for decorating, you can make your own pumpkin.

Blow up the balloon almost all of the way before tying your string around the balloon to form the iconic pumpkin shape. Once this is done, you can paper-mâché your fake pumpkin. Once it has dried, it is ready for decorating! Cover it in white paint first to give yourself a good base to work with before painting it however you’d like. You could go for the traditional bright orange colour with black eyes and mouth, or you could add some more glue and glitter for something sparkly.

Paper-mâché Pumpkins from Montre Moi Comment, 80,953 saves

Potion Bottles

Witches and cauldrons are common sights at Halloween, so why not make your own potion bottles? Over 60,000 Pinterest users have saved this DIY Halloween decoration to try for themselves, and it is really easy to do.

You can use any empty jars or bottles that you have lying around. The potion bottles in the image below have been created with old vitamin tubs and ingredient boxes, so anything goes!

All you have to do is paint the bottles. You may want to stick some shapes onto the bottles to create different effects, but it isn’t necessary. These potion bottles and jars can then be used for many different things. Why not keep some Halloween treats inside them?

Potion Bottles from The 36th Avenue, 65,849 saves


The Best Pinterest DIY Halloween Decorations on a Budget


Image from Pexels

Bin Bag Witches

So far, all of these decorations have been straightforward. This is perhaps the most complicated on the list, but even then it is cheap and easy to put together, with nearly 40,000 saving this tutorial! Choosing the right materials means that these three witches will make excellent outdoor decorations, making your front lawn look inviting for trick or treating.

For the base of the witch, Chas used a tomato cage, but you can use anything, such as a fence post or even an old small Christmas tree! Add something round to the centre to give it some shape, such as a plastic pumpkin bucket or a ball, and then cover it all in a large bin bag.

You can then stick a ball, balloon, or another pumpkin bucket on the top. You could even add one of your paper-mâché pumpkins! Stick a witches hat on the top and you are done. Using bin bags means that your witches will be able to withstand all weather conditions, even torrential rain. You can even add a cauldron in the centre with sweets if you so choose. It’s easy to put together, uses a lot of items you’ll already have, and creates an effective decoration for the spooky season.

Bin Bag Witches from Chas’ Crazy Creations, 37,165 saves

Save Money With DIY Halloween Decorations

Shops have plenty of options when it comes to decorating for Halloween, but it can become expensive and rapidly add up. Creating your own Halloween decorations gives you the chance to not only save money but also use up some of the supplies you have around the house.

We have found the most saved DIY Halloween decorations that you can create on a budget, but there are plenty of other amazing decorations you can make. Which is your favourite? Get creative this October and save money with these DIY Halloween decorations.



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