The best ways to save money on your heating bills

The best ways to save money on your heating bills

Ooh it is freezing out there isn’t it and I am pretty sure by now you all have your heating on?

I do too, I have to confess but I try to minimise how long and to what degree.

Quick fixes

My quick fixes for minimising how much heating I use include:

Popping on the thermals (yes even in the house)

Drinking lots of cups of tea throughout the day and having a hot porridge for breakfast!

I shut all the internal doors.

I always wear socks and slippers in the winter.

I use my draught snake at the front door.

I use a hot water bottle in bed.

Shutting the curtains can also make a huge difference.

Saving money on my heating bills is an ongoing challenge and I like to explore lots of ways to do this.

Longer term solutions

Some ideas are an investment but can make such a difference.

I have been looking at the energy efficient windows from Win-Dor. They have outstanding thermal properties and are capable of saving you ‘a significant amount of money on heating bills.’ These have an  intelligent multi chambered design which forms an effective sealed barrier between the outside and your home.  How cool (or warm) is that!

Win-Dor can also supply energy efficient glazing for their windows. These are  specially designed coatings  which are able to capture heat from the sun and also reflect internal heat back into your home.

Nifty hey!

Insulating out loft is also well up their on our to do list. In an uninsulated home, a quarter of heat is lost through the roof so it would be a great idea to get this sorted.

Solar panels would be a great help to heating bills long term and we have been exploring this option too The photovoltaic panels generate electricity from the sun which reduces energy bills.  You can also potentially get paid for generating energy too. Estimates are around £300 year on energy bills will be saved!

I have also thought about buying thermal curtains which can apparently reduce heat loss up to 25%!

So there is a lot you CAN do about energy bills and keeping warm inside – just sadly not about the weather outside!



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  1. Chris
    November 22, 2016 / 15:27

    Lots of good ideas. To make thermal curtains I buy cheap fleece throws and line the curtains with these, if you can get the foil emergency blankets you could use these as well

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