The Create Your Own Happy Blogger Book Tour

So last week Create Your Own Happy was published! I cannot teel you how excited we are!

It is available now from Amazon and all good bookshops

and Penny and I could not have been more excited to see our ideas about happiness boosting for kids out here in the world. The book is packed with a huge host of happy boosting activities for kids and we have been absolutely delighted to have a group of top UK parenting bloggers trying our the various activities with their children.

Just fantastic.

Create Your Own Happy Book Tour


Here’s where you will find the posts over the coming days…     Create Your Own Happy Jar 6/9     Create a Laughter Kit         7/9   Be a Happiness Philosopher    8/9   Give Compliments   9/9  Learn to relax 10/9  Create New Life  with  Seed Bombs 11/9 Use Music to change your mood 12/9

www.amummytoo.  Learn about another culture 13/9  Making a calm down jar     14/9  Invent a solution   15/9   Saying thank you 16/9     Snail Mail 17/9  Reduce,  Reuse, Recycle 18/9   Upcycling!   19/9


Do be sure to visit these completely awesome blogs to see the Create Your Own Happy activities in action. One thing we all have in common is we all want help kids be happy with life. And I have a host of other parenting articles here



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