The secret to simplifying how you pay your bills

Ah bills can bring  us so many worries can’t they?

We worry about how much they will be, when they will arrive, how we are going to pay them, if we have enough to pay them, when do they need paying by?

Just so many questions whirring round our mind.

So many of us dread the post arriving or checking our online back statement.

It all needs to be so much simpler.

The secret to simplifying how you pay your bills


The secret to simplifying how you pay your bills

We all know that to get the best deal we should sit down with a large coffee and  chunk of time and hit the comparison sites but in all honesty how many of us actually do that?

Huru is the secret to making this whole process so much simpler


So what is  Huru ?

Well Huru is very simply a one stop shop to get all your utilities set up under one account with one monthly bill.

Doesn’t that just sound blissful.

It takes just moments to sign up and then Huru will manage all your utility bills for you. Huru then send you  a single bill via email each month showing you exactly what you’re spending on water, gas, electricity and internet. They will keep track of what tariffs you are on with suppliers. So, when your tariff is coming to an end, they will remind you and automatically recommend a new great deal for you.

This is actually really important and very useful as many of us just bumble into the next year without checking our tarrifs and looking to see what other deals are out there,,

There has been a lot in the news recently about how energy prices are rising and customers are going to be seeing big price increases. So now, more than ever, you need to know which tariff you are on and make sure you know you’re getting a good deal. Customers on standard variable tariffs, for example, could see big increases in their bills so try to make sure you’re not one of those people.

Many of us ( me included) probably don’t know what tariff we are on.  Huru can set you up on fixed price contracts with no hidden fees, and when your contract comes to an end Huru will always remind you and recommend a new one to switch to. This means you should never need to worry about paying way too much and ending up on a standard variable tariff again.

The best way to manage our money is to control and be aware of our expenditure, The best way to achieve that is to start controlling what’s going out. So, getting control of those bills that happen every month is a brilliant place to start.

Have a look at Huru it is the secret to simplifying our bills!








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