Thorntons personalised chocolate hamper review (lucky me!)

Thorntons sell a lovely range of personalised hampers. A chocolate lovers dream. I love chocolate and Thorntons in particular. One day into the school holidays and I was asked if I would like to review one of these hampers. Sustenance for the weary mother. I said yes faster than you can blink!

Honestly who wouldn’t!

As a family every Christmas since my childhood we have had a box of Thornton’s continental. My kids are often to little chocolate mice  if we are walking past and seriously have you tried their fabulous icecream! It is delicious.

The hamper I chose was the Chocolate spectacular personalised hamper (£39.99) It came in the most amazing box (which I can defiantly reuse to make up a birthday box.)



In the name of researcxh I have been tasting the chocolate in order to give you my verdict (I’m nice like that)



I tried it at supper time and it was just YUMMY with milk.


The smiley buttons came to the cinema with us (the kids wolfed them down!)

I gave my mother in law the continental box in exchange for a days childcare (the LEAST I could do!)

We had the truffles personalised with a message for GG (great grandma who turned 94 this week)She thought they were marvellous and is taking them along to share with her frineds at church.


and just to really spread out the research this morning I even tried one for breakfast! ( so much choice and such lovely smooth chocolate)


We have so much still to try though… a box of Moments,  a box of toffee and caramels, bags of chunky chocolates in almond, and ginger. We have Viennese and Sicilian lemon bars to taste too.

How absolutely lovely.

So nice to share around and to treat myself. A HUGE thumbs up from us.

Wouldn’t this just be the BEST EVER gift!



  1. August 18, 2014 / 23:34

    I love the idea of the smiley buttons

  2. March 16, 2018 / 13:20

    The idea of making your own personalised chocolates are wonderful. I really loved your services for making someone feels special through the personalised chocolate gifts (a box of moments) to make their day memorable. I would recommend it to my friends also.

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