Three Great Reasons to Invest in Gold

There are good reasons to invest in gold.

Most of us have considered investing at some point in our lives. It may have been an idle thought that was never put into action, or one that you implemented and took full advantage of. Whatever your own previous experiences, investing can be a solid financial strategy, and one that it pays to put into practice.

reasons to invest in gold

Yet choosing where to invest your money can be a minefield. There are numerous asset and investment types for you to consider, all with varying levels of excitement, risk, and profitability. However, one stands above all others as a prime option for those with little experience or little appetite for gambling: gold.

Here are just three of the reasons why it might be the ideal investment option for you…

#1: Investing in Gold is Low Risk

Every investment is a gamble to some degree, but gold is famed for its role as a ‘safe haven’ asset, making it ideal for the first-time investor. Frequently used to reduce the risk posed by previously volatile portfolios, it is one of the surest bets on the financial markets. Irrespective of how much knowledge or experience you have, you’re unlikely to lose money when you invest in it, and with its value largely undisturbed by external market factors, it may well be the perfect bet for you.

#2: Gold Can Balance a Portfolio

Those who choose to invest need not be restricted to one investment type or asset class; indeed, you’re free to levy your money against as many investments as you desire. However, it’s still a good idea to ensure that one of these is gold. Investors with all levels of experience frequently use it to reduce portfolio volatility, and it has the added boon of minimising losses during episodes of market shock. Even national central banks are known to adopt this methodology, and most have been net buyers of gold for a long time.

#3: Gold Can Enhance Portfolio Performance

Gold is most widely prized for its role as a stabilising influence on portfolios, but do not look at this fact and exclude all of its other unique properties from your considerations. If you delve a little deeper into its history and role in the financial markets, you’ll soon find that gold can prove to be deliciously profitable. According to the World Gold Council, research has shown that those who invest in the precious metal can expect to see a two to 10 per cent enhancement in the performance of their portfolio, which is certainly not something to be scoffed at.

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