Tips on how to have dental implant treatment abroad and save up to 80%

When it comes to saving on dental work, this might seem difficult at first. The cost of serious dental treatment in the UK is continuously rising. That is why so many patients are looking into better, more pocket-friendly options. There is a way to have affordable dental implants abroad; for example you can get dental implants in Croatia, Spain or Hungary.

dental implant treatment abroad

Are dental implants abroad safe?

You may wonder if dental implants abroad are safe for you. Actually, the quality of materials (implants, crowns, etc.) and the quality of the treatment itself is comparable to what you can get in Britain. Forget about dental offices with outdated equipment, nasty smell, loud drills or bad hygiene. That era is gone. Nowadays dental clinics in Europe are equipped with the latest technology tools and devices, modern, safe X-ray machines and best materials (white fillings, porcelain for crowns/veneers, etc.). European clinics are also very hygienic – the dentists know that they have to adhere to the European standards and safety of their patients is a priority for them. Dental implants abroad are not only safe but they can be a solution to your tight yearly budget.


How much are dental implants abroad?

If you look at Dental Implants Worldwide Costs Guide, which is available for free on, you can see that the average price for dental implants in Croatia is EUR814 (£740) for single implant, the minimum price is EUR600 (£545) and the maximum price is EUR1,000 (£900). This is still considerably cheaper than in the UK where a single dental implant can set you back even EUR2,000 (£1,800)!


Where to get a best deal on dental implants abroad?

Did you know that you can get a discount voucher for your dental implants in Croatia or other country of your choice? Many dental clinics abroad offer such vouchers for more expensive treatments like dental implants. You can even get a voucher worth EUR199 (£180)!

If you decide to visit one of the above dental tourism destinations, check the tips on how to pack light for your dental holidays in a warm country.




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