Tips to Enjoy the Best Divorce Settlement Terms

the Best Divorce Settlement Terms


How to get the Best Divorce Settlement Terms

No one comes out victorious in a divorce settlement. In the end, you are both losing someone – your partner. The goal of parties involved in a divorce settlement is to amicably divide properties and assets which will make it possible to reasonably move forward and reduce the emotional and financial strain brought about by the separation. It is natural for either parties to desire some level of advantage in a divorce settlement. To ensure that the terms are fair and substantial, here are tips that can help.


Research well

Before you meet your ex-partner, you need to understand what constitutes divorce law. There are specific provisions regarding child support, spousal support, and property division that family law solicitors can discuss to you in detail. In a way, knowledge is your weapon in ensuring that you get accorded certain conditions based upon what is fair, yet preferably works to your advantage. It is also essential to consider to yourself what is a reasonable outcome before you decide to approach the other party.


Consider mediation first

Courtroom proceedings involving divorce could be ugly. You need to consider out-of-court mediation first before you decide to go to courts. Mediation is a safe environment where a trained professional assists both parties in discussing specific terms regarding the separation. The purpose of mediation is to ease the process along and iron out some, if not all, possible complications.


Determine what is important to you

You cannot enter mediation with the assumption to receive more in a divorce settlement, as this is not how settlement works – you need to list your priorities and know what you are willing to give up. The other party will also make it difficult to shake you up if you are firm in your belief that specific properties should go to you.

Conversely, you also need to learn how to bend and be flexible during the negotiation since your partner might even desire other things. If you are on speaking terms with your former partner, you can encourage writing down the things that are essential. You can compare notes and decide if you are willing to let go of each other’s priorities, since it helps to not waste time (and possibly tears).


Stay strong

Your ex-partner knows who you are, as you most likely allowed yourself to be vulnerable during your marriage; you opened everything up to that person. Now that you are divorcing, your former partner could use the information against you. Therefore, you need to stay strong, don’t show your vulnerabilities and do not feel tempted in any way. You need to seek emotional treatment if the divorce proceeding is taking its toll on you.


Hire the best lawyer

Family law solicitors will help you go through every step of the process. It is vital to seek the assistance of a solicitor with extensive experience. Representation is the first step to addressing some of the hard questions before meeting with the other party for settlement. It is also easier to prepare for a possible mediation or trial if you have an expert lawyer by your side.


Not everything might go your way during a divorce proceeding. Some results may be unfavourable, and more often than not you will need to compromise. Nevertheless, the ultimate goal is to agree and settle to terms that the Courts deem fair for both parties.


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