Using a handyman whilst away on holiday


Using a handyman whilst away on holiday – a good idea?

I know this may seem a strange concept to many people but think about it… having work done around your house can be really stressful, disruptive, loud and messy! I remember needing a plumber to fix my shower a couple of years ago, and I kept having to change my schedule and daily routine around him until the work was completed – it was a nightmare. His work was great, but I just kept having to juggle things around because I felt like I needed to be home while he was there.

It wasn’t  until one of my friends told me that she hires a handyman when she is away on holiday that I thought that it could be a good alternative for me and my family. She would make a list of small jobs she needed to be done around the house and while she was relaxing on a beach somewhere, the handyman would be fixing it all, having it completed before she came back. It sounded like a great idea, killing two birds with one stone!

I also read about this concept in an article by the Boston Globe, in which Julie Palmer, president of Charlie Allen Renovations, often recommends homeowners to schedule work while they are on holiday. This way, you can also prevent your family from being exposed to potential hazards, from inhaling paint fumes and dust to mould spores and more.

So, I reached out to a London handyman team, the Handy Squad, who have a team of professionals in London, and have been around since 2005. I always felt more comfortable contacting a company rather than a single tradesman that I found online or in the Yellow Pages (anyone uses them anymore?). If you have a neighbour that you trust and are still not sure about leaving a handyman alone in your home, why not ask your neighbour to have a look at the work every now and then?

I made a list of some small jobs that I wanted to get done while I was away, including fixing tiny wall cracks, drilling through tiles in the bathroom to fit a new mirror and other bathroom furniture, tidying cables behind my TV, checking my tap which kept dripping and applying new silicone around the sink. It will be easier to just get everything done, so then I wouldn’t have to think about any of it (hopefully for a while longer).

Maybe you also have some of these small jobs you need dealing with or maybe you have a bigger task, such as an electrical or plumbing issue or perhaps you want to completely renovate your kitchen or bathroom. Why not have the work done while you’re enjoying yourself on holiday?

It was a great decision. While I was tanning or trying to (at least) in sunny Spain, my allocated handyman was doing all the tasks I required around the house. The Handy Squad has a whole team of skilled tradesmen who are experts in many specific areas, so I’d definitely recommend you check them out!


This article was written by Hannah. She is a recent first-time mum who loves all things home and travel related. Hannah studied journalism and is now working as a part-time freelance blogger for Ad Lab.


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