Top 5 Places to Take Kids in the UK before They Grow Up

The United Kingdom has several attractions for people of all ages. As a parent trying to build a relationship with their kids, taking them out is one of the best ways to do this because it excites and interests them. However, whatever location or tourist destination you choose has to be kid-friendly since kids tend to get bored easily, especially when a location isn’t suited for the kind of fun they want to have.

Whether you are just a tourist living in the UK or you’ve been in the country already living on a high-potential individual visa, you may need a guide to help you choose the best places to take your kids to the UK. This article compiles a list of the places you can go in the UK with your kids before they grow up. 

1. Camera Obscura and World of Illusion

If you’re moving to the UK and you happen to be in Edinburgh, you should not miss out on visiting its oldest visitor attraction. It is an interesting place to go with your children because they will learn, have fun and get memorable experiences.

This location has six floors of games, puzzles, and special effects that kids will surely enjoy. There are five floors full of light, magic, optical illusion, mirrors, and smoke. This location also houses over 100 interactive exhibits with a view of the city from the top floor. It offers nothing short of an amazing experience for kids

If you are willing to explore even more places in Edinburgh as part of your trip, then you are in luck. Edinburgh Castle is right beside Camera Obscura, and it is another lovely place to go with your kids. So, do not miss a good opportunity twice. 


Top 5 Places to Take Kids in the UK


2. Edinburgh Castle

If you are conversant with family tours on social media or hear-says, you would have probably heard about Edinburgh Castle as one of the top places people visit with their families. It’s a great place to take your children, keep them in awe, and let their imaginations run wild while teaching them bits of history.

You will see the oldest building in the castle, the Crown square, the prison, and St. Margaret’s Chapel. Each part of the castle has its peculiar historical attraction that kids will surely find interesting. 

3. Science Museum

Do you want to blow your kids’ minds and simultaneously enlighten them? Then you need to go with them to the science museum. If your kid is not a fan of Harry Potter and does not seem interested in historical images or fairy tale events, they might be interested in science and its wonders.

Find an area of interest in science and explore different things about it. It can be the loo, robotics, civil engineering, or vacuum technology. Or you could experiment and be a pilot in the flight simulator, check out the space gallery, or watch movies at the IMAX Theater. These are just a few of the “sciency” stuff to do at the museum.

4. Bewilderwood

Many of the attractions covered so far are indoors, but not Bewilderwood. If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure for your kids, Bewilderwood is a perfect place to help them explore some of their outdoor fantasies.

The whole 50 acres park is filled with different activities that kids will surely find interesting. It has tree houses, boat trips, marsh walks, zip wires, and jungle bridges. It is a nature-themed spark with no special effects, just loads of outdoor fun and adventures. If you cannot go to the one in Norfolk, enjoy your time with a similar one in Cheshire. 

5. Giant’s Causeway

If you are in Northern Ireland with your kids, visiting the Giants Causeway should be on your to-do list in the city. It is a system of 40,000 basalt columns that looks like a staircase for giants who lived there.

Have fun climbing or clambering the rocks with your kids and admiring the view of the cliff and the Atlantic. To reduce costs, go via the special shuttle, which gives reduced prices for kids.

Final Notes

Apart from the places we mentioned above, there are still lots of fascinating yet educative places you can take your kids to in the UK before they grow up. As an immigrant, ensure you consult the best immigration experts like immigration lawyer Birmingham before you start your tour in the UK. That way, you can be sure of no hassles while touring. 



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