Top 5 Places to Visit in Singapore

Today – 5 Places to Visit in Singapore

Top 5 Places to Visit in Singapore


Singapore is a city island which is established in southeast Asia and if you want to pinpoint on the world map, you will find it just above Ecuador.  Apart from the electro-artificial world, the city is filled with different natural elements. The nightlife in the city is very mesmerizing and amazing. The shopping malls and branded cloth stores are the attraction for various fashion enthusiasts. The temples and gardens will complete the circuit of a total plan of traveling. The greenery of the rainforest, the religious viewpoint of the temples, and monasteries and the food culture are a few reasons to name that why one should visit this city.

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5 Places to Visit in Singapore

There are various places in the city, but these are the most attractive ones-

  1. Universal studio

They have created dreamland in the name of the Universal Studio. It is on the World Santosa Resorts of Singapore. The studio is a park which is decorated in such a way that it gives of living in different movies. It gives different information on different zonal films like Hollywood, New York City, Madagascar, and about the Ancient city of Egypt. Just don’t miss the amazing roller coaster rides because the tickets are affordable, and you can also get some great deals. The night shows are one of the best attractions in the studio.

  1. Singaporean Chinatown

The Chinatown of Singapore is almost a replica of China. You can try different street foods of China in different small shops and you can also go for the real test in a proper good restaurant with red lanterns. You must view the Hindu Temple of Sri Mariamman and the authentic heritage places of China. Watchingthe morning drum ceremony at 4 AM  will be a new experience. They have developed the place in such a way that you can find different language speaking persons like Japanese and English. Free WIFI service is a newly added advantage of this city.

  1. Flyer of Singapore

Singapore Flyer is an observation place which is placed on the Marina Bay Sands. You can’t miss the experience of watching the whole city from the top of this flyer. There are various packages for different services. You can get pampered by the staff by getting good foods and massage while you are viewing the amazing beauty of the whole city. The night beauty of the city is very different from the day look.

  1. The Zoo of Singapore

The Zoo of Singapore is one of the best Zoos in the world. It has different things which you won’t find in any other rainforests. The place is filled up with various types of green plants and trees where you will get the fresh air and oxygen. The extraordinary thing is that you will get a view of orangutans who are swinging with their babies on the top of the trees and you can also feed them bananas by throwing them high in the air. Komodo dragons, white tigers, mole rats, and several other creatures are exclusive in this zoo. River safari and night safari are the new services available for the visitors.

  1. The Orchard Road

If you are a fashion lover, then you can’t miss this place. This is the destination where you can find different and unique fashion clothes.  There are many departmental stores and shopping malls where you will get fashion brands and clothes.

If you are planning to travel to this city,  you should visit these destinations. The foods of the Chinatown are unique and tasty. The universal studio and the Zoo will give you the real feel of Singapore because it defines the authenticity of the city. Most exclusive branded clothes are available on the Orchard road. In all, Singapore is the best tourist destination for your next vacation.


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