The top cars for first time buyers

do you knwo which are the top cars for first time buyers?

In the United Kingdom, a first car is a very important purchase, effectively what you are buying is independence. The license to get around of your own accord, and without having to rely on other people can be hugely liberating. In the UK, as you can only legally drive following your 17th birthday, this is the period when manypeople will be in a position to purchase a car. It can be a common 17th birthday present for example, and if not, a lot of people will do their utmost to save up for their first car.

Cars can be expensive, especially around the age of 17 where not many people will have managed to save enough money to make such a significant purchase. There are however, a number of ideal cars that any first time car buyer should be looking at. One example would be the Citroen C1, a new car for 2014. This is a surprisingly well equipped car for its size, and prices start at £8,245.


The top cars for first time buyers


The top cars for first time buyers

A classic first car is the Vauxhall Corsa, which remains very popular among first time buyers. Its popularity means that insurance costs are likely to be in your favour when compared to a less popular car. It is also very reliable. Vauxhall are so confident of the abilities of this car that they offer a warranty that covers 100,000 miles. If you think how many miles you are likely to do in a year, then you can see just how long this warranty can last.

There are a plethora of cars out there for first time buyers that are suited to their particular needs. What is important however, is once you have an idea of the kind of car you want or even the certain model, is to assess the market and find where you can get the best deal. This is never truer than with the first car you purchase, as this is the point (at 17) where you are likely to require your money to go as far as possible. This is not because it is unlikely that you have a lot of money saved to spend on a car, but also the corresponding costs of being a young driver.


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