Wall Stickers for Bedrooms

Have you ever considered wall stickers for bedrooms?

I think that our bedroom is probably the least decorated room in our home and I think there are a few reasons for this. 

Firstly, it gets very little wear and tear as we really only use it for sleeping. Secondly because we only use it for sleeping I don’t give it a huge degree of attention, so it remains unchanged.

However I do love my bedroom and I have recently purchased a gorgeous soft grey chair and have enjoyed spending time reading in there. 

It is time to give my bedroom a little makeover and a sprinkle of love. 


Wall Stickers for Bedrooms

There are some simply lovely Wall Stickers for bedrooms over at TenStickers that would make a bedroom makeover quick, easy and super inexpensive. Speed when decorating matters to me a lot actually especially when it comes to bedrooms.

Another reason I am so put off decorating the bedroom is because of the disruption – figuring out where would we sleep during the process, the pain of emptying the room. Wall stickers take all this decorating angst away as they can be placed with no fuss and no mess in mere minutes. We wouldn’t have to sleep on the sofa at all. 

Anyway – to the stickers.

I am excited to see what you think of these wall stickers for bedrooms that I have my eye on.

The inhale exhale sticker is subtle and charming and not too intrusive but definitely impactful. I rather love it –  minimalism is my preferred look in the bedroom and this works perfectly. 


Wall Stickers for Bedrooms



The tall daisies wall sticker gives a lovely injection of colour and would make such a sweet addition to  a bedroom.



 But the angel wings are most certainly my favourite – just simply beautiful. 



But as I tend to keep my bedroom almost totally white a coloursplash wall sticker might be just the job to give it a dash of vibrancy. What do you think?



Some gorgeous ideas there for bedroom wall stickers.


What about the bathroom?

In the bathroom too there are  tile stickers which you can use as  lovely way to enhance and update an often boring space. 

How fun and funky are these fish ones?



Pretty fun hey?

I could go on show you stickers I love all day but you would be far better popping over and browsing the kinds of themes and colours that interest you.  There are so many to choose from. 

Is your bedroom or bathroom in need of a makeover any time soon? Would you consider wall stickers for bedrooms?


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