Give your bedroom a Spring look using Duvet Covers


I am a big believer in transitioning our home decor each season in the same way we do our clothes. Winter homes and summer homes need to be dressed a little differently to reflect the season.

This does not mean heading out and buying brand new furniture and cushion and rugs and the like. It doesn’t mean you have to repaint every room either. Subtle and inexpensive changes can make a huge difference.

In order to give my home a Spring vibe there a few little changes, I always make that really impact. Firstly, I always keep fresh Spring flowers ion a vase in my bedroom. I find this such a powerful way of bringing the outside in and really adding the cheerfulness of Spring to my interiors. Secondly, I take things away. Heavy cushions and blankets are stored up the loft. I also take down our heavy winter curtains and replace them with our lighter ones. Instantly the bedroom is uplifted and embracing a Spring feel.

The one HUGE difference I can make though and do, each and every Spring, is to purchase a new duvet cover. Oh, the power of a new duvet cover is transformative. And replacing a duvet is such a simple and effortless job compared to repainting a room!


Plain colour duvets

A new brightly covered duvet cover can work wonders to instantly brighten up your room.  Your bed is the centrepiece of your room and giving it a burst of colour really will give the room a whole new vibe.  You really can get every colour of duvet cover. I love yellow, I find it such an absolutely cheerful colour it just makes me smile. I think sky blue is also a lovely colour for Spring and I adore blush!


Patterned duvets

Patterned duvets can give a real depth and dimension to a room. Florals will definitely make it look more Spring-like and geometric patterns more stylish. Use what works for you  but keep in mind a lighter brighter feel for the warmer months

Doesn’t this yellow and grey floral duvet just shout Springtime!


So much choice

Whether you choose silk, polyester or cotton you need to pick material that makes you feel good. I  tend to avoid flannelette in the warmer months but find it perfect for winter.

Which of these featured duvet covers is your favourite?

You can get duvet covers on discounted rates at Yorkshire Linen and they really do have a lovely selection.  All the photos in this post are of their duvets – why not pop over and have a peep? You will honestly be amazed at the choice.

Changing your duvet is powerful though an inexpensive and effortless way to introduce a Spring look into your bedroom.


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