Ways to be happy: clearing your clutter

As regular readers will know we are currently undertaking a home makeover on a budget hear at the family budgeting residence. As you would expect we are not big on throwing things out in our family so we have lots to declutter in this process. I think we like to get full use out of everything which is why we hang on to things. The problem is our house is quite small and the cupboards are bursting at the seams. That is not an exaggeration! Some things definitely do need to go.

I do hate waste particularly when it comes to food and money and really try and not to throw things out. When I declutter I have a charity bag , a friends bag and  a  possibly resell bag and a rubbish bag. The rubbish bag is always the smallest I am proud to say.

Most of all I like to pass preloved items to friends and see them benefit and see the item get a new home, Charity shops are a win win win  they keep the item from becoming landfill, another family get a cheap purchase and the charity make some profit.

The third option, a bag of items to sell on, also makes my thrifty heart happy.Clothes recycling  has so many options from selling online to dress agencies, second hand books can be sold on Amazon and toys and children’s items at NCT sales. Car boots are a great place to sell all items  (just be sure to wrap up super warm and take a BIG flask of tea. !)

What is not to love about clearing clutter!  It can…..

make friends happy

make you money

make a charity money

make your house look much better

I bet I have totally convinced you to get those bin liners at the ready right?  Decluttering is definitely going to make you happy!Get on with clearing your clutter today.





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