13 Money Saving Resolutions

I am excited to share my Money Saving Resolutions with you

money saving resolutions


Money Saving Resolutions

With the financial difficulties we’ve experienced over recent years expected to continue for some time, the need to save money is more important in 2013 than ever before – but what resolutions should you follow?

1. Cycle more

A way to get fit and save money on travelling, cycling is something we could all benefit from doing more of. Cycling to work is a great way to get started on this, but you don’t have to do it every day; just cycling once a week will help you cut petrol costs dramatically.

2. Change your appliances

Many households are still using appliances which have been in their homes for a number of years, meaning they may no longer be performing at their best. Review all of your appliances with regards to how much energy they consume and expected maintenance costs, replacing where necessary.

3. House insulation

If your house is well insulated you will burn much less fuel to heat it. Double glazing and loft insulation are good starting points to owning a better, more insulated house.

4. Recycle old goods

When replacing or upgrading goods – whatever they may be – don’t automatically reach for the rubbish bin. Instead, look for ways to recycle them to get value for your money. This could mean reusing them elsewhere, selling them online or trading them in for money off another purchase.

5. Maintain your house

Your house is the biggest investment in your life. Treat the fence when it shows signs of wear and paint the windows. A little work on the odd weekend can save a fortune on unnecessary repairs.

6. Maintain your car

Changing oil and filters in a car is an easy task, which most amateurs can do. Regular maintenance of this type keeps the car out of the mechanics shop and safe from the hefty bills that go with it.

7. Shop around

There is plenty of competition on all areas of the market, so always shop around for the best deal. Loyalty is very rarely rewarded these days and even when it is, introductory offers may still prove to be better value.

8. Homeowner loan

Homeowner loans can be a great way of financing home improvements – but how can borrowing money be a financial resolution? Home improvements can add significant value to your property, protecting your financial future. Look at loans online to see what options are at your disposal.

9. Extra income

People need help with all kinds of chores: baby-sitting, typing, ironing. Fulfilling these needs and earning some extra income is a great way of keeping yourself out of the red wherever possible.

10. Check out deals online

The internet has many benefits – one of them being increased access to competitive deals. Always check online resources when making any purchase to check you’re not missing out on a new offer.

11. Save energy

Saving energy is naturally a strong focus for coming years, so do your bit to save the environment by fitting energy saving light-bulbs and monitoring how much energy you use. All your efforts will help preserve the environment for the future and save money in the process.

12. Turn all appliances off at night

Another energy saving tactic with financial benefits is the simply turn them off. There is no need to leave electric appliances on standby, so switch appliances off when they’re not in use.

13. Shower rather than bath

You will be just as clean after a three-minute shower as you will be after a bath, but you’ll have saved plenty of water and money in the process.


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