What Space Do I Need? How To Determine The Right Storage Unit For Your Clutter

Today – The Right Storage Unit For Your Clutter


The Right Storage Unit For Your Clutter – do your research!

Clutter is the word used for a jumble of things that are no longer used. So, before you consider the right storage unit size for your jumble of clutter – have a sort through and save costs in terms of space by throwing out the items that no longer give you that spark of joy. The money you save in space can be put towards new items that will help you with organisation, enabling you to save even more space at home.


Storage Units

Start your storage unit journey by creating a list of everything that you think you’ll be putting into storage and pack the smaller items that you don’t use as frequently into boxes. It’s now a sensible idea to get out your measuring tape to measure the large items and the boxes containing the smaller bits and bobs.

Most storage units have a ‘no tiptoe rule’ that basically means don’t try and overreach to stack your items because you’ll probably end up hurting yourself. So, once you’ve measured the size of your items – stack them to a sensible height and take new measurements of the height, width and depth of your new mound of belongings.

If you only need the storage unit for a short amount of time and won’t need to get access to every item in there, then you can probably get away with cramming it full instead of leaving room for you to get in there too. Just be sensible and don’t damage your stuff – most people find relief in having a little bit of extra breathing space in their storage unit.


Storage Unit Sizes

Most storage companies like Henfield Storage have various sizes from the smallest at 9 square foot to 300 square foot which is at least 8ft tall! So there are sizes to suit your every need, and the websites are often helpful by including a size estimator so that you can work out how much you need. It is sensible to have enough room to move around in there so that when the time comes that you need to dig that book out, you don’t have to turn the place upside down.

You also need to think long term – are you going to want to add to your unit as you begin your clear out? If this is the case then you may want to start off big to avoid the hassle of moving everything over. Although some companies let you move all of your stuff to another unit for free so just make sure you read the small print.


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