New Year, New Career

The new often marks the beginning of a clean slate for many of us. It’s a fresh start – a chance to reinvent ourselves and be as happy as we’ve always wanted to be. One of the things you might pay particular attention to is your career – after all, you spend so much time at work, it’s important to be happy, isn’t it?


New Year, New Career

If you think you could do with a new career for the new year, take inspiration from some of the options below…



Do you get a kick out of seeing things spick and span and in their right place? Well, you might be cut out for a career in cleaning. Granted, it’s not the most ‘glamorous’ job in the world, but it is rewarding: it’s satisfying to see the results of your hard work every day, and it involves a larger number of skills than people often give it credit for. For instance, you’ll need to be able to understand and follow instructions, and use good maths and science skills for measuring out liquids and understanding which chemicals to use together. You’ll also need strong people and customer service skills too, as you’ll often be working around members of the public.



Think of yourself as a bit of a foodie? If so, you might be suited to a career in the kitchen! Whether you fancy going all the way to the top by aiming for head chef, or want to cut your teeth as a kitchen assistant, there are lots of ways to get into a career in catering.

You’ll need to be able to manage a busy workload, cope with stress, work as a team and demonstrate that you have top-notch communication skills. Consider taking some training first, or ask to volunteer in a local restaurant if you want to ‘try before you by’, so to speak.




It’s regarded as a tough job, and for good reason – work hours can be long, children require a great deal of pastoral support as well as teaching, and you’ll certainly need to be good at crowd control if you want to contain a rowdy classroom! But, if you have the stamina, teaching could be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do. Training as a teacher could give you the opportunity to gently nudge the course of a child’s life, expand their horizons and equip them for the adult world – the kind of privilege and responsibility that’s usually only afforded to parents and guardians.



If you enjoy writing, be it on your personal blog, your social media handles or even just in your notebook, why not turn your passion into a profession? Copywriting (or content writing – they’re a little bit different but both share similar skills) is in increasing demand at the moment with many companies looking for good writers to help them to communicate with their target audiences on and offline. Approach a marketing agency, try your hand at freelance journalism, or contact your local newspaper if you’re interested in this kind of career.


Do any of these career options pique your interest? Think about how you want to spend 2017 and then get sending your CV out… it could be the best year you’ve ever had.


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