What Takes Just Moments but Will Save you Pounds?

Today – What Takes Just Moments but Will Save you Pounds?

I’m not talking about a quick fix diet oh no! (though I would love to find one) and

I’m not talking about closing a website before making a purchase (though sometimes this is very wise)

I’m talking about………


What Takes Just Moments but Will Save you Pounds?

checking to see if there are any voucher codes around for any items you are thinking of purchasing online. Really it’s a complete no brainer, you just find a voucher code site that you like and find easy to navigate and you check it. You check it each time you go to make an online opurchase. if there are any discounts to be had at that store you will know about them and save yourself  money. Simples.

I have just ordered some flowers for a friend of mine who has made one of her own dreams come true this week having her first awesome parenting book published.

discount flowers

Photo Credit : Lrargerich

I saved myself £2.10 by a quick check on a voucher code site first . It took mere moments. As all us budgeters know little savings like these saved time and time again make big savings. Remeber when I talked about simple steps to budgeting earlier this year? Well this is just another really simple step for you to take each time you shop online simply search for a discount code.

The beauty of voucher codes are

  • They are free
  • They are easily located (just find a site you like it will often email codes for your favourite stores)
  • If you were going to buy the item anyway you could save yourelf some useful money
  • It is a quick money saving option

The only negative I can come up with is that you may be swayed to look on a site with a good discount when you weren’t planning to shop there.

Exert that will power and you’ll be fine!


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