What to say in a 65th Birthday Card

Do you wonder what to say in a 65th birthday card?

The best card shop to get a 65th birthday card is Boomf. With various card designs, wordings, pictures, and colours, their cards are suitable enough for anyone that you know, who is turning 65.

Once you have bought a card from them, the next thing is to address the card to the recipient and that does not get done without sending out wishes written inside the card special and memorable because their cards come blank inside to give you the freedom to express your warm greetings yourself.

We know that not all 65-year-olds are the same, and of course, different people will give this card to different people in their lives. Anyone can be turning 65, it may be your mum, dad, boss, or friend. We have the right ideas of what to write in a 65th birthday card for any of these options.

What to say in a 65th Birthday Card

Ideas of 65th Birthday Card Messages

For Mum

  • You look so good at 65, thankful I’m your daughter/son.
  • You’ve lived most of your life taking care of me and I’m grateful for every bit of it.

For Dad

  • 65 looks good on you dad. Thank goodness I have the same genes as you.
  • Feels so good to say my father is 65 and still looks this great.
  • Thank you for hanging around and being my 65 years old dad, still in charge of fixing every problem in my life.

For Boss

  • You were supposed to retire five years ago but I appreciate that you stayed.
  • If it’s too difficult to blow 65 candles, you can as well delicate it to your loyal staff. With a slice of cake as our wage of course.

For Friend

  • Now that you’re 65, I can say that you’re a bit wiser. I guess I can now take your advice.
  • Wish you more happy years and many more crazy decisions now that you’re 65.


With all these great ideas, you can turn the 65th birthday card into a personalized one by adding a few things here and there after taking our advice.

Boomf has the best cards for 65-year-olds. All you need to do is visit their page and browse the amazing arrays of 65th birthday cards they have in stock. When you place your order, they guarantee same-day dispatch and it will be delivered as soon as possible.


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