What To Write About In A College Essay

Writing essays is an integral part of student life. From regular assignments to admission essays, students must write on various topics. This is why it is essential to know the tips and tricks to craft a perfect draft that leaves an impression. Not sure how to do that? Not to worry, follow these tips.

Show Your Passion

The first step is to choose a topic that inspires you to write. Make sure you pick the right genre to write. Write about something you are passionate about. Something in which your thought process goes on and on. Choose a topic that interests you to the core—something for which you don’t have to fight finding words. The topic should matter deeply to your heart; that’s the key. It could be any event, memory, achievement, or some phenomenon in your life and around to write about.

Remember, passion is not enough all the time. Here, you can write a draft first and then edit the essay per the professional criterion. But, first, do some research and find out what makes a good college essay.

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What To Write About In A College Essay

Be creative

Think out-of-the-box ideas to impress the examiner. Come up with a catchy title for your write-up. It could be an about me essay or one of your adventurers. It is all about how creatively you manipulate the research work that works for you. Not everyone can deliver a unique piece that can be called creatively executed. You have to make sure that all your ideas are knitted closely to tell the story you want to be decoded. The narration needs to have relevant examples, facts, figures, and evidence to support your stance. Writing a college essay requires you to be professional in vocabulary usage. Craft every sentence creatively. Make sure the tone of the draft is assertive. Commanding phrases, dominant language, and a proud tone will impress the examiner. Make sure you don’t overdo things. Keep it simple and creative. Moreover, keep it low profile yet artistic. Use a convincing tone; speak from your heart and soul to put an emotional flavor if required.

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Be Specific

Are you wondering what to write about in a college essay to compel the reader? Not sure how to highlight your strengths and leave an impression? If so, you may end up writing paragraphs that don’t make sense to the reviewer. On the other hand, providing too much information can kill the essence of your write-up and make it boring. Thereby, it is crucial to outline your essay before you start writing the draft. Doing so will help you jot down the key points and maintain cohesion in your writing.

You may also choose to opt for pre written essays at Essay Zoo if you feel stuck. They have a variety of pre-written essays in their database written by their expert writers. But, if you choose to do it on your own, try to be specific. Make sure your write-up has the proper structure, and the paragraphs are well-connected. Once you’re done inscribing, proofread your work to ensure every piece of information in your draft is relevant and to the point. If something feels irrelevant, omit it right away. In short, be precise in describing any experience, life event, or idea.


Show, Don’t Tell

Do you want to know what your essay is supposed to be about? If your college hasn’t provided you with a prompt, come up with a topic that interests you the most. But, when you write something that you’re passionate about, you may be tempted to tell many details. It is good to include tiny, relevant information about any of your experiences. But, ensure you show it to the reader instead of telling it. Use vocabulary that helps the admission officer or reviewer to feel your emotions and experience your experiences. Your words and language must allow the reader to imagine your story. Use words that show actions. For instance, writing “I was so excited” doesn’t show your emotions. If you’d say: “I had a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I could barely hide my excitement and nervousness,” these words would show the reader your exact feeling at the moment.

So, if you have wanted to know how to write an essay for college that compels, remember this crucial tip.


Focus on your experience

Students often have to write personal essays to make an impression on the college administration. In that case, tell your story; share your thoughts on life and success. And focus on your experience in your narrative. Tell the reader how you achieved what you have. Tell them about personal development goals and objectives. It could be about your dream job, entrepreneurial aim, our ultimate life goal. There are many topics to write about for college essays; you need to decide what suits you the best. Many students also write about recent travel trips, unusual life experiences, any paranormal activities they experienced, etc. Simply tell them how you feel about a particular point of view, idea, or event. Elaborate on your feelings about a heart-touching experience in your life or relationship.

What To Write About In A College Essay

Use Humor

It is all about how well you present your thoughts in the paper. There is always space for humor somewhere down the line in the draft. Use your humorous side to impress the examiner. Wondering how to write a good college essay having a comic appeal?

  • Utilize routine insights to make your humorous;
  • Crack a joke or two on yourself;
  • Dig out material that can be used to roast people, ideas, or historical facts;
  • Avoid gender-bashing, sexual, racist comments, or swearing;
  • Search online for tips;
  • Don’t try too hard to be funny. Your aim should be to sound funny, don’t force humor.
  • Be witty.

Remember, different essay styles require you to use different language and tones. Therefore, be careful about the theme of the paper before adding humor to it. You may have a great topic to write about in a college essay, but a lot will depend upon how you execute it.

All in all, you must remember all of the tips mentioned above to create an outclass piece of writing. In addition, these tips help you impress the reader and make you a better writer in the long run. So, keep them in mind when writing your college papers.


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