What you save when you give bad habits the boot

What you save when you give bad habits the boot

Leeds Building Society recently ran a campaign about kicking your habits showing people just how much money they could be saving in the process. What an awesome idea. It made me think about the bad habits I used to have and wondered quite how much kicking them has saved me.

I smoked from my teens until I fell pregnant 20 (sometimes more) cigarettes a day.

I stopped because I was pregnant it was SO hard but I am so glad I did. I have never ever had once since and that’s been 9 years now.

If I smoked now it would cost me a whopping £52 a week….! That works out according to Leeds at a saving of a HUGE £2704 a year which if placed in a saving account would generate £44.62 per year.  Wow.

Kick My Habits Interactive Tool from Leeds Building Society, What you save when you give bad habits the boot

Kick My Habits by Leeds Building Societ

 Such habits definitley need to be given the boot if you are serious about saving.

If you want to have  a go at working out how much you could save by giving up a bad habit do head on over to Leeds Building Society and check out their kick bad habits campaign. Pop in your bad habit and frequency to work out what you could be saving too. I think like me you will get a bit of a shock!

I have just worked out that my husband’s weekly takeaway, tobacco and beer cost us at least £2548 per year which is quite definitely a lovely sunny, summer holiday. I am going to get working on him to change his ways….. it is amazing how it all mounts up.

I love this campaign. What a great  idea to show people what they really are spending and indeed what they could be saving.  And I think the big old boot is a great symbol for kicking out those bad habits.


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