What’s So Good About Blog On?

What’s So Good about Blog On?

Well blooming everything is good about Blog On


Blog On


Blog On is a twice-yearly UK blogging conference organised by the lovely Laura Seaton from Tired Mummy of Two 

This was the first time I had been to a Blog On event and I have to say I had really fun and informative time.

I was actually going to give a talk with Penny Alexander my co-author about writing and publishing and to be honest I have been so busy with the launch of our book I hadn’t really thought much beyond that about what the event would be like.  I was oh so pleasantly surprised – a fabulous weekend!

The party

Blog On began with a party the night before and how lovely it was to see old friends and make new ones. just lovely. Hotel Football is a great venue for an event like this lots of space and the most spectacular views from the top.

The sessions

I went to two sessions Emily from A Mummy Too talked about Blog admin and Cerys from The Blog Surgery and Rainy Day Mum talked about SEO and oh my did these two seasoned and successful bloggers know their stuff. I am afraid I had to miss photography, presenting and video sessions due to doing my own talk – but they all got rave reviews!

The brand den

The brand den was filled with toys and they were just fabulous. I have so many ideas for Christmas now from the sorting hat that talked – oh yes! to the Mini master football (which was my absolute favourite and a bit like a supersized subbuteo) Nintendo were there showcasing thier latest games and oh there were cuddly baby niflers too. My kids would have been in heaven.

So much fun!

Ooh, and you have to check out the cake (see above) from PartyPopTeenies


The goody bags

These were spectacular and did indeed require their own suitcase to get back to Nottingham. Would you like a peek inside? (and this was after the kids had snaffled a few things!)


Blog on

I know – Wow!

So yes Blog On was fab and I would MOST DEFINITELY go again!


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