Where to find free Home Inspiration

You can spend a fortune on glossy magazines that show you how to make your home amazing.

You could  go even further and employ an interior designer who could give your their view on how to make your home amazing.

Or, if you are on a  budget, you could try one of these three approaches instead

Make a moodboard

I love making moodboards – essentlally a collection of your ideas and inspirations all in one place. I tend to use polyvore to make mine. With polyvore you can upload items from various shops to see how they would look together. I was thinking about a she shed recently and pulled these ideas together. I knew I liked pale blue and gold and wanted to see how they would look in harmony. I really like the moodboard and will probably now go ahead with this scheme.


My writing shed by becky-goddard-hill featuring vintage home decor


Check out Homify

Homify is an inspiring home resource it has a huge number of articles full of ideas for your home and garden. It also has a community section where you can experts for advice for free!

Whether you are looking for tips  or advice or are looking for particular products,  you can ask the wide reaching Homify community to help. How useful is that! They also have a huge list of professional contractors should you need one.


Take Photos

I would imagine many of my readers have cameras on their phone and this is such a handy resource for home inspiration. Quite simply if you are in a shop or at a friends or even walking past a garden and you see something that inspires you  and you think oh that would be perfect for my home then take a quick snap and when you come home print it out and stick it in your scrapbook. Capturing inspiration as we go about our daily lives in terms of colour, form and shape can really help us pull our ideas together,


So you really can be inspired, and educated on home and garden without spending a penny!  The resources you need are right at your fingertips.


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