Which bed is right for your child?

Which bed is right for your child? – do you know?

It can be tricky can’t it when it comes to kids and getting things right in regard to their bed.

Probably as adults we know we want and it is all pretty straightforward. We will probably want either a double of a king size if we have space /money. As students, we knew that perhaps only a single would fit in our tiny halls room so we just made do with that.  When our children were babies we probably co-slept, had a Moses basket for a while then moved on to a cot. Straightforward and easy choices which didn’t take a great deal of working out.

But children do not stay babies and it is soon a whole lot trickier!


which bed is right for your child?

The tricky decisions around which bed is right for your child?

Children grow so fast, if we don’t take this into account when buying a bed for them we can find they have soon outgrown it and we have pretty much wasted our money. Children need room to grow and their beds need to reflect that as far as possible.

Children also use their bedroom a lot more than we do for things other than sleeping. They will often play in their bedrooms, have pals to sleepover in their bedrooms, they might study there, practice music, craft and read in their bedrooms. Their bed need to fit in with the space they have and also a consideration for all these other uses for the room.


featured beds are from Room to Grow


Expert advice on which bed is right for your child

You do want to get your child’s bed and bedroom right. It is their important personal space and it will matter to them.

I do suggest you pop over to have a read of  Room to Grow’s children’s bed buying guide it talks you through the pros and cons of bunk beds, cabin beds, high sleeper and day beds. It explains what each type of bed actually who these beds might be right for. Room to Grow sell a huge variety of beds and they really know their stuff. This is a great guide to answer the question of which bed is right for your child?




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