Which Celebs Should Teach Our Kids?

Today – Which Celebs Should Teach Our Kids?

I have something really fun for you today.

Nido Students, who provide accommodation for university students around the UK and Ireland, recently published a really great piece on which British celebrities we would love to see teaching our kids virtually while they’re at home.


Which Celebs Should Teach Our Kids?


Which celeb should teach our kids

The results that came out of their survey saw celebrities like Jessica Ennis-Hill, Martin Lewis and Carol Vorderman as favourite virtual celebrity teachers  This came about after the recent BBC Bitesize programme was launched in April which saw celebrities coming forward to teach kids online.

 Nido Students collected data from YouGov to assess who the most popular UK celebs were and categorised these stars into subject areas.

Next, they asked 1,000 people to find out which celebrities they’d like to teach them for various subjects – from business to science.

You have to pop over to see the results some are VERY surprising (especially politics!)


An unusual choice!

I will give one of the results away …. Gordon Ramsey was chosen as the cookery teacher.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am completely in love with Gordon, I think he is funny, feisty and fabulous – but seriously with his fragrant language and renowned temper would I want him teaching my kids? Probably not,  but that’s not what the rest of the nation said. Although the lovely and probably much more suitable Jamie Oliver came in a very tight second.

Come and have a look at the rest of the results they are quite surprising really and will give you a good giggle.

Do let me know who would you like your child’s celebrity teacher to be in comments below. 

Me? Oh, it’s easy I would go for the gorgeous Tom Hardy as their English teacher, parents evening would suddenly be a whole lot more interesting.


Which Celebs Should Teach Our Kids?


I do hope you enjoyed this post on which celebs should teach our kids?



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