Why Is It Important to do Checks on Your Family Car?

With many of us travelling more over the holiday season, it’s important to make sure that your family car is ready for any journeys you are planning to make this winter.  Not only do regular car checks help to keep your family safe when out and about but they can also improve the performance of your car and reduce the risk of experiencing problems during your journey or breaking down on the motorway Here are some of the key car checks and why they’re important.



Check Fluids

Checking the fluid levels within your car is essential, especially in the winter. Your oil needs to be at the correct level to prevent engine damage and keep your car running smoothly. You should also ensure your coolant or antifreeze is at the correct level, as this prevents your engine from freezing and cracking when the temperatures drop.

Winter often means bad weather and poor visibility when driving so your windscreen washer reservoir also needs to be topped up regularly and you should avoid using water alone as this can easily freeze. Screenwash has antifreeze properties and can be bought premixed or concentrated to dilute with water.



Tyre Tread

Having the correct tread on your tyres is absolutely imperative at all times of the year. Driving a car with tyres that have tread below the minimum recommended level of 1.6mm is illegal in the UK so this is something you’ll need to check regularly and upgrade your tyres when the tread is getting low. If you’ve got a trip coming up and want to ensure your tyres are safe to drive, you can buy cheap tyres online.


Light the Way

Ensuring that all your lights work lets other road users see your vehicle easily and also means you’ll have a clear view of the road ahead. You should check your headlights, brake lights, indicators and fog lights regularly. Not only should the bulbs work but the angle needs to be correct too. If in doubt, get them changed.

Washing your car regularly is an often overlooked aspect of car maintenance but keeping your lights clean, particularly when driving in bad weather where they might become obscured due to snow or muddy road conditions, is vital to ensure you’re visible on the road.

Don’t Forget Fuel!

This one may sound obvious, but you should check before setting off that you have fuel in your car to make the journey or if not, that you know of somewhere where you’ll be able to stop off and fill up on the way. Don’t be tempted to run your tank right down to empty, especially if you’re travelling at busy times or in bad weather as you may find you use more fuel than anticipated, particularly if you have to make a diversion or get stuck in traffic.


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