Why visit Menorca this summer with your family?

So, why visit Menorca this summer with your family?

More and more foreign tourists are choosing to visit the Spanish island of Menorca


Why visit Menorca

Why visit Menorca this summer with your family?

The Spanish coast surrounded by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea is without a doubt one of the most outstanding tourist destinations in the world. It is an area full of nature, tradition and gastronomy that attracts the attention of a large number of people. In this respect, it is very important to highlight the Balearic Islands, and more specifically, the Spanish island of Menorca.

This is a tourist destination where you can enjoy incredible beaches, popular festivals and a multitude of outdoor activities. It is, therefore, hardly surprising that more and more families are deciding to spend their summer holidays in Menorca. Furthermore, this Spanish island is one of the safest tourist destinations in the country, as it is gradually seeing a decline in the number of coronavirus cases.

The positive downward trend of the pandemic in Menorca is such that the local council has requested the Spanish Government to open up to foreign tourism from 15th June. It can, therefore, be said that foreign tourists can travel to Menorca this summer with complete peace of mind.


Where to stay in Menorca?

Menorca is quite possibly one of the best tourist destinations in Spain to travel with your family, since this island has high-quality accommodation offering all-inclusive services. One of the best family hotel in Menorca is the Royal Son Bou Family Club . This is an exclusive hotel for families travelling with children, as it has facilities and activities that are specifically suitable for the youngest members of the family.

The Royal Son Bou Aparthotel is located on the seafront, so families can enjoy Son Bou Beach whenever they want. But if there is one thing this incredible hotel in Menorca stands out for, it is the many daily activities and shows it organises for children – it also has a children’s playground, swimming pool, and so much more.


What to do in Menorca with the family?

As mentioned above, the island of Menorca is characterised by being a tourist destination full of large natural sites, where visitors can take part in a multitude of activities. It is a very popular tourist destination for families with children, since on the island of Menorca you can visit spectacular sites in the company of the youngest members of the family.


Visit the lighthouses of Menorca

One of the most outstanding activities to take part in Menorca is a visit to the 7 lighthouses that are spread out all over the island. This is an excellent excursion to visit with children, since the lighthouses of Menorca are located in large natural environments where they can play safely.

In the northern half of the island of Menorca, you can visit the Sa Farola, Punta Nati, Cavalleria and Favàritx lighthouses, while in the southern half, you can find the Artrutx, San Carlos and Isla del Aire lighthouses. All the lighthouses in Menorca have a great deal of charm, but if you are travelling with children, it’s best to visit the lighthouses of Cavalleria and Favàritx.

Enjoy a good swim in the coves of Menorca

The beaches and coves of Menorca are almost endless, however, on the island there are two heavenly beaches that stand out from the rest: the coves of Macarella and Macarelleta. These small beaches are adjacent to one another, so you can visit them on the same day without any problem.

These two small coves are characterised by their turquoise waters and white sand, which makes them one of the most spectacular natural attractions in Menorca. This is one of the best ways to have a good swim with your family, while enjoying the incredible Mediterranean landscape of the island.

Plan a nature excursion

Another activity that’s most frequently taken part in Menorca is a nature excursion. This Spanish island has a large number of natural sites that can be visited in the company of the whole family. Excursions to the beaches are a good option, but for the more adventurous families, a visit to the natural parks is most advisable.

One of the most important natural sites in Menorca is the Albufera des Grau Natural Park, as it has more than 5,000 hectares where you can observe a multitude of bird species. It is also highly recommended that you organise a family outing to the Cova des Coloms, which is a natural cave located in Binigaus cliff – it can be reached on foot from the village of San Cristóbal.



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