Why you may already own all the extra space you need

Today – Why you may already own all the extra space you need

Why you may already own all the extra space you need


We’ve probably all been there: we’ve got some new, exciting tool, appliance or, erm, toy, unpackaged it, and then looked for somewhere in the house to store it, only to realise that, well, all of the home’s space has been used up already… or has it?


Why you may already own all the extra space you need

Given the hassle and expense of moving house, it would obviously be convenient if you can find the required space in your existing house – and that’s a very real possibility if you consider these tips.



Why you may already own all the extra space you need

You might have more clutter than you realise

As the years pass, many surplus items could accumulate in your home – potentially leaving you with jumpers, DVDs and gadgets that you haven’t used for years. Now would be a good time to offload them – perhaps to a charity shop, on eBay or at a car boot sale.

If some long-unused items still hold too much sentimental value for you to let go of them, a friend or relative might have a larger house in which they could store them for you, Prima suggests.


Don’t simply dump junk in the garage

The garage can be a particularly serious culprit for harbouring items you’d probably never touch again… unless, of course, you sort through that garage and get rid of items you truly don’t need. Outdated furniture and broken appliances are example possessions potentially worth discarding.

You might not even have been able to fit cars in that garage, but you can rectify that by installing overhead ceiling racks for storage purposes, as Freshome suggests.


Are your kitchen units and bedroom wardrobes bespoke?

If those units and wardrobes were sourced in off-the-shelf form, that could have left you with pockets of wasted space around them. That would be a strong incentive for you to have those units replaced with alternatives specially designed for your walls.

While such made-to-measure options can come with a price premium, they could help you to free up hidden storage space that is more than worth the extra cost in itself.


Use ottomans for storage in public rooms

Why do living rooms and dining rooms tend to get messy even when you rarely do anything particularly adventurous in them? It’s probably your visitors who are most to blame; after all, they could be the most enthusiastic about looking through your Blu-ray collection!

No wonder those Blu-ray cases can so often end up scattered on the floor – but you could store them and similar items in an ottoman, as this can double duty as storage and seating, says Bustle.

Could you use your loft for storage, too?

If your loft is currently dark and dangerous, a service like loft boarding can be used to turn it into a bright and safe storage space.

However, to prevent damaging your insulation and so potentially causing issues with damp and condensation, ask a company like Instaloft to install raised loft boarding for you. After all, you wouldn’t want to find your stored possessions damp if you retrieve them from the loft!


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