Declutter Challenge – Are You Ready to Make a Start?

Declutter challenge


declutter challenge


If you have clutter everywhere don’t despair – you just need to get started


Are you ready for a declutter challenge?

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Bulging cupboards and garages are a sure sign of a home that needs to be de-cluttered. Often the problem is knowing how to tackle the job.

Junk collection is an insidious habit, often based on good intentions. Over a period of time, large amounts of useless belongings, stuffed into every available storage place can become an overwhelming problem.


A Declutter Challenge – Plan of Attack

The most important thing is to make a firm decision to deal with the problem. The next stage is planning how to sort out the stuff. The best way to do this is by breaking each area of the home into manageable areas. This could be room by room, cupboard by cupboard, or even drawer by drawer. Write the plan down and determine to keep to it.


A Declutter Challenge – Set your  Timeline

Now add dates and times into the plan. Procrastination is a thief, and having a written plan, complete with dates, is a good motivator.


declutter challenge

Declutter Challenge

A Declutter challenge – Let’s go

Layout newspaper or an old sheet and spread out the stuff that needs to be sorted. Have three boxes on hand to place items in as decisions are made. The boxes should be labeled as follows:

  • Things to keep
  • Things to donate
  • Things to toss
  • Things I’m unsure about


How to Sort for my declutter challenge

All belongings can be judged against the following declutter challenge criteria:

Do I like/love it?
Does it have sentimental value?
Do I really need it?
Will I offend anyone by disposing of it?
Is it broken?
Have I used it in the last year?


Be Harsh

Maintaining a tidy home entails making firm decisions about each item that enters the home or is presently there. It can be tempting to hang on to boxes of empty jars and old toasters, but what is the chance of needing them? Most things can be easily replaced these days. Throw out the junk and free up space.


Dealing with the Boxes

Pack away the items in box one. There should be a lot more space for them after the big cleanout. Then go through box three and make ruthless decisions about the contents. The goal is to empty it into the other two boxes. If this is impossible, but the box in the garage and go through it again in a few day’s time. The last job is disposing of box two. Options are a garage sale, donating the goods to a charity shop, recycling it or dumping it. Don’t let it sit gathering dust. Make a decision and act on it speedily.

Clutter is a big time and energy waster and takes up a lot of space. Learning to manage it has the double benefit of a tidy home and a peaceful mind. Don’t put it off; make a plan today and get started on your challenge.


Declutter challenge delays?

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Once you have completed your declutter challenge you need to deep clean your home from top to bottom – good luck!

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