Window Dressings on a Budget

Today – Window Dressings on a Budget

As you know I have been undertaking a house makeover on a budget. So far I have completed the lounge and am halfway through the playroom. I am entirely happy with the lounge apart from our windows. They need dressing and I  feel quite stuck with how to dress them?

Our last blind got broken several days after it was put up about 9 years ago! We have never yet replaced it. It is only a small tear but I am always aware of it. I do want them replacing in keeping with the room.

Window Dressings on a Budget

Window Dressings on a Budget

I think about having curtains but I think the kids would pull on them and may even pull them down or at least get grubby hands all over them. Both of which would be really annoying!

I have thought about having nets as we look out on to the street but my husband hates net curtains and he can be very stubborn. We definitely need something though. we live by a canal and lots of people walk past our house on the way down there. It wouldn’t be nice to have people being able to see in, we aren’t set back much from the street.

So it is back to blinds. I do like Venetian blinds. I like controlling how much light comes in whilst still being able to retain our privacy At the minute we have wooden Venetian blinds rather like these form Blinds Supermarket. I quite fancy white but i was concerned they would look a bit office-like. I am so pleased to see painted wooden blinds.

I am going to need to really scrub the windows though before I replace our blinds, they have been a bit neglected of late!

It’s tiring work this home makeover but it makes my heart sing to see my home taking shape at last and these Window Dressings on a Budget are so worth my time and energy, they make such a difference


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  1. March 11, 2013 / 22:56

    Blinds are a good option Becky, what about window film though?

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