How to keep entertained on long car journeys

Did you know this summer us Brits will spend a whopping 1.5 billion hours on the road.


That is a scarily long time.

And what do we do with all that time?


How to keep entertained on long car journeys


New research among 2,000 UK motorists by fuels brand BP Ultimate has looked at what makes car journeys go smoothly for us here in the UK  as we prepare to hit the road this holiday.

Here are the results:


The music we listen to…

The top 3 ways to keep everyone in the car entertained were revealed as:

  1. listening to music (69%)
  2. just chatting (45%)
  3. playing traditional games (28%)

I just absolutely love those good old fashioned answers. Singing along together, chatting and playing iSpy are real bonding activities aren’t they? 

Relying on gadgets for in-car harmony came only fourth (26%). Hurray! For once once technology does NOT win the day!

90% of drivers felt music was an important part of a long car journey.

The top 5 tracks to sing along are apparently:

  1. Pharrell William’s  Happy
  2. Bon Jovi’s  Livin’ on a Prayer
  3. Abba’s Dancing Queen
  4. Single Ladies by Beyoncé
  5. Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop The Feeling

Which is your favourite…would have to be Bon Jovi for me (am I showing my age?)

When it comes to in-car artists though, Ed Sheeran came out the clear winner followed by the ever awesome Adele (22%)


The games we play…

Here’s a list of top 5 traditional games those surveyed said they enjoyed playing most in the car:

  1. I Spy
  2. Spotting different coloured cars
  3. Counting similar objects (cows, bridges)
  4. The Animal Game (naming an animal beginning with last letter of the animal shouted out by the person sitting next to you)
  5. Name that tune

Despite his fabulous list the family car is far from screen free. 46% of parents said they let their kids play games on phones or listen to their own music with headphones (38%) if it meant a peaceful journey.

I have to say once we have exhausted our repertoire of games we totally do this!


More in car inspiration ….

BP Ultimate  have come up with a brilliant list of inspired games and activities for even more in-car fun. You can check out the list at

For some musical inspiration BP has enlisted the help for Renault Formula 1 team mates Nico Hülkenberg and Jolyon Palmer who have compiled their ultimate driving playlists that can be downloaded on Spotify by clicking here.

BP Ultimate with ACTIVE technology is designed to help clean and maintain your engine. It removes dirt to help keep engines running smoothly and efficiently, and performing at their best. You can find out more at


So know you know how to keep entertained on long car journeys – happy travels everyone.



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