Best beds for the smaller family home

beds for the smaller family home


Best beds for the smaller family home

I grew up in a two bedroom terrace and for many years I shared a bedroom with my sister. The bedroom was not very big and we had 2 single beds in there. There was no floor space to play games. I could hardly even get passed my sister’s bed. Our clothes had to hang in mum’s wardrobe in her bedroom and we had no room for a table to do our homework so always had to do it in the lounge. It wasn’t great. We could also never ever have anyone to sleep over.

Then one Christmas we got a set of  gorgeous wooden bunk beds from Santa. Good old Santa.

Now we could play games of frustration on the floor, have a little table to draw at and write at and a wardrobe to keep our clothes in. They freed up so much room. We could also have our cousins come and stay on a sleeping bag on the floor. Having bunk beds was such a great space saving solution.

Another fabulous idea for accommodating guests is to have a guest bed where one just pops beneath the other and is only pulled out when required. This is great if you don’t have room to store pop up beds in and such a neat and nifty space saving solution.

When I was little my Granny used to come and stay every second Sunday and a guest bed like the one shown would have been a great solution for her visits. Instead one of us ended up in the double bed with her, dad on the sofa and mum in one of our beds! Confusing and no one slept too well.

Futons and sofa beds are also an excellent idea for storing away beds until they are required. Especially good for small homes where you really don’t want a bed up permanently that isn’t going to get much use. Crib 5 beds are perfect for the family home – ensuring safety standards are met is essential when you have kids, 

In a small family home you really have to focus on maximizing your space, you need furniture to build upwards, store well and multitask!




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