10 steps to a cheap and fabulous family kitchen

How do you get a cheap but fabulous family kitchen? I am a big believer in having a home you love and not putting off your dreams. So I think you should say a big yes to creating a  kitchen you love because one thing is absolutely for sure- it is a place you will spend a lot of time, not just cooking and eating, but chatting, bonding, thinking, creating and so much more.

A kitchen really is my favourite room in a home – always and without exception. I think it tells you just so much about the people who live there.

cheap and fabulous family kitchen

So how do we create a kitchen that meets all our needs and makes us smile?

  1. Design it – create a mood board of how you want your kitchen to look, colours, styles layout. Get an image clear in your mind..create it form browsing wonderful kitchen websites and interior blogs. I like Kitchen Warehouse which is packed with a huge range of kitchen unit and cabinet ideas. really crystalise your vision and paint it in your mind’s eye.
  2. Consider the rest of your house, Your kitchen needs to fit in so rustic will look rather odd if the rest of your home is sleek and contemporary. Consider the flow through your home.
  3. Consider practicalities..are our windows in the right place, do you need more electrical points. If so these things need to be costed in addition to your kitchen. Get some quotes in so you know what you are dealing with.
  4. Shop around. You can find cheap kitchens if you look in the right places. Do have a good browse and look at prices, delivery installation and the rest. You are shopping for something important and you want to get the best quality you can for the best price you can. Take your time. Whilst you are looking for cheap – quality is crucial.
  5. Figure out how much you have to spend, do you need to save or borrow do you have enough put away. Get a figure you can easily afford rather than one that will leave you tight for cash and struggling. It is never ever worth getting yourself into debt for something you could save for and wait a little while longer.
  6. Learn to DIY your kitchen installation OR ask around and find recommendations for reliable and great value tradespeople who will be clear and upfront with you about costings.
  7. Take a look into whether or not you can sell your old kitchen. You may be surprised and this extra cash will be helpful towards the new.
  8. Don’t feel you have to do everything at once. New appliances, a new fridge, bins. lighting etc do not have to be purchased at the same time as a new kitchen no matter how tempting that may be.
  9. Don’t underestimate the work/disruption involved ..you may want to get yourselves invited out for dinner for a few nights whilst work is being done.
  10. Little things make a HUGE difference, art on your walls, lack of clutter, beautiful tea towels and drawer handles. Do keep a close eye on the details.



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